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Found 13 results

  1. Guest


    Brexit. Yes or no? Discuss. Personally, the UK seems like a chill country and I like its people. At least those I met so far were alright. I wish that whatever happens, that it goes to the benefit of the nation. If I were british I'd probably be pro Brexit. Staying inside the Union seems to be going only at the benefit of those blokes at Bruxelles, the ECB, the EP. And I don't trust them: looks like an organization that disregards individual histories and national identities (as the way they've been handling the immigrant crisis proves), as well as an organization that only sees the States of Europe and their peoples as cows to milk. By joining the EU, the UK has had to abide by the rules of the European Parliament and obey to its directives, more or less. Maybe it worked in the beginning but evidently that stopped being fun, and for good reason: I wouldn't want some cold, faceless organization tell me how to run my country either. Fuck that If Britain will exit, will it trigger a chain reaction? Will this joke of a Union finally fucking die (I really doubt we need it, tbh)? Who knows! We'll find out Anyway, I'll stop my beer induced rambling here. Godspeed. God save the Queen lololol
  2. According to this article on Phys.org, 15% of American Adults have tried online dating sites or apps. That's up from 11% in a similar survey from 2013 Has anyone here ever tried online dating websites? Be sure to post here which ones (or don't), what your experience was like, and what you think of the whole idea!
  3. . Edit: Changed the title. An attempt to add another option to the poll resulted in it getting broken, unexpectedly, which ended up with the results being altered.
  4. Since I started in this forum, I've noticed a lot of people have Skype. I don't. Personally, I prefer the open community discussion environment of a forum, rather than a one-on-one chit chat. Though, I do use IRC #phoenix. But, I'm curious if I'm missing out on important (or at least fun) stuff. So, who has Skype and uses it regularly?
  5. I'm asking a bunch of nerds so I'm expecting a lotta noes but I may just remain surprised. I'm super sedentary myself so I wonder how many other people are an amoeba like yours truly
  6. So, according to general belief furries have bad hygiene. With this poll we're gonna find out how much truth there is to that statement. If you feel like participating, that is. The questions are only three. It's not possible to put more so the poll will be a bit limited. Voters' names will be hidden.
  7. I guess I should make an awkward personal poll, all the cool kids are doing it. :V And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest.
  8. Guest

    What's your sexuality?

    I'm just genuinely curious, that's all Only making justice to this forum here. What was that? You expected a furry forum not to talk about sex, sexuality and whatnot? Fool! PS: Voter names will be hidden
  9. Polls seem to be quite popular these days. All the cool kids are doing it. So i decided to make one too. For science.. i guess? So.. As the title says. Physical or digital? I prefer physical format for my games. It feels so much better to see all my games and their boxes. And I love to collect steelbook editions. So there's that. The biggest turn off i have for digital games is the download times. I live in a place where internet connection is quite slow. So ye can imagine how long it'll take for me before I can finally play a game. If not, then let me tell ye it took me 3 days to download Beyond Two Souls for my PS4. And that's just the partial file so that I can start playing. The additional content took a week to finish downloading. So yeah. Physical for me.
  10. In respect to the new software installed on phoenix, I feel it could be time to implement the circle avatars to the system. I would be really interested in seeing them as a peminant part of the system because I feel they look more aestetically pleasing, provide a comfier user interface and a much more modern tone. Or are you into choice? What about a setting that allows you to switch between them based on personal preference? I would like that too! But I know this isn't the general opinion of the forum. What do you think? Keepsies or swapsies?
  11. All the cool kids are making polls. I wanna make one too. Feel free to share your vote, or not, I ar Eurofag.
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