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Found 6 results

  1. Post your fa orite video game music here. I've been listening to this one a lot these past few days and it really gets me all nostalgic like especially with the video. http://Youtu.be/isyc-LUTaoM Edit: how the hell do ye post videos?
  2. Allows you to see through clothes Also, this game had THIS as a collector's edition
  3. Fun question: What was the last game you played that had a lasting effect on you when you finished it? Like for days after you couldn't stop thinking about the ending or the experience you had. Maybe something like the final song from Bastion or the finale of Gone Home? Maybe something as simple as a plot twist (a la Bioshock)? Of course, try to answer which game and why without going into too many spoilers! You want other people to be able to experience these golden moments for themselves, right?
  4. Well hello there, everyone! I hope you've mastered your Hadoukens and Shoryukens because this entry is about to go into all out Akuma mode. So, Street Fighter V was just released to the masses. I, along with everyone else, was so fucking hyped for this game. Thanks to Happy Console Gamer and AlphaOmegaSin, I now know that the hype wasn't even worth it. Apparently, Capcom (Or Crapcom, as I like to call them) has released an incomplete product. As of right now, Street Fighter V has a painfully short story mode, a broken online mode, and no arcade mode whatsoever. They essentially released the beta of the game at the cost of a full experience. This is where I feel that a mini-rant is in order. What the actual fuck is wrong with gaming these days? Back when I was growing up, we got a full game; the only half-assed products we ever got were peripherals and movie tie-ins. What gives developers the right to give us, the consumers, and incomplete waste of memory space? If there's ever a moment where I'm ashamed to be a gamer, this instance is definitely it. God, please don't let Square Enix do this to Final Fantasy VII, or XV.... In a not-so-clever segue, let's talk about Final Fantasy XV. Supposedly, we're supposed to be getting some news pertaining to this title very soon. I'm not entirely sure as to what this news is going to be about though. I suspect that Square may give us a release day, seeing as we know it'll be this year. Gee, guys. This game has been in development hell for ten years. A decade after that first trailer debuted at E3, and we're finally getting this game. Granted: It's going to be a hell of a lot different than what we saw back in '06. This makes me feel old as balls right now. I mean: We've watched this game evolve from Versus XII to Final Fantasy XV for a decade; who wouldn't feel old? Well, I guess that about does it for today, guys. I'm curious: What do you guys think about Street Fighter V's less-than-great launch, and: Are you psyched for FFXV's launch? Let me know what you think in the comments! I'll see you guys later!
  5. Hey, everyone! Your pal, Riley, is back again with even more nerdy rambles, and Ramen! So, as some of you know, I’m a huge Final Fantasy VII fangirl. I bet you can’t guess what I’m gonna be talking about today. Yes: More FFVII. “What!? Again!?” Yes, again. I’ve been trying my damnedest to stay in the loop in regards to the Remake. However, that’s proving to be difficult at this point in time. Just like with Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix has been extremely mum about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The only news we’ve gotten since PSX and E3, is that the scenario for part one is complete. This bit of news came from an issue of Famitsu that came out shortly before PSX. So, Part One is officially done in the sense of writing. Now, we need to wait until next year for it to be officially released. Again: Square has been awfully quiet about this games development outside of the Famitsu column, PSX, and E3 2015. This, if you couldn’t tell by the title, has me very concerned. You’d think they’d give us something; a metaphorical bone to throw us. However, they haven’t given us any hints or clues as to what the remake will be like in the long run. This could be a sign of two things: Either the game’s gonna suck, or it’s gonna knock our collective socks off. I honestly hope for the second thing. Oh, and just a quick heads-up in regards to KH3: Disney is legally binding them into shutting up. I digress though. If gaming history has shown us anything, it’s that silence isn’t always a good thing. Of course: Square knows that they absolutely shouldn’t fuck this up. That’s enough from me today, guys. I wanna know what you think of Square’s non-legally-bound silence. If you want, you can leave a comment expressing your thoughts and opinions down below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace!
  6. So as a kid I played a few real-time strategy games... but not regularly and it wasn't a lasting habit. I was more into shooters, platformers, stealth games and some point-and-click adventure titles. I even kinda grew to despise the RTS genre for some reason I can't quite understand. It just didn't feel immersive to me. But, well, recently I was curious in giving the genre a second chance since I suddenly got nostalgic about those Command & Conquer games I played demos of way back when the magazine PC Gamer (which is going to be cancelled in Sweden apparently) would come with these little demo CDs. Those were the good ol' days. <3 I'm usually kind of a hardcore and masochistic gamer but with RTSes I just... suck. I LITERALLY have to learn everything from the goddamn beginning because I haven't played a real, pure RTS in like, 15-20 years. I watch videos of playthroughs on YouTube for comparison's sake and they're just so SO GODDAMN GOOD AND FAST when I usually can't focus on that many things on the screen at the same time (or maybe I can 'cause I can do Contra fairly okay). They seem to get these great ideas right away and shit, and I have to just sit and think about what I'm gonna do, and then try a great idea I have but the idea doesn't work, so I have to SAVE SCUM TO THE EXTREME and backtrack if I make a mistake. I dunno if I'll ever be able to play RTSes online with anybody, I'd just get fuckin' massacred. For the first time in a long time I feel like a fucking n00b and it suuuuucks. ;w;
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