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Found 6 results

  1. Anatominals from SNL, wow https://screen.yahoo.com/tv-funhouse-anatominals-000000165.html
  2. Just this morning, IHE posted a video about yet another copyright issue. After watching it, it’s become excruciatingly apparent that Google, the current owners of YouTube, don’t give a flying fuck about the content creators. This supposed company called Merlin CDLTD has posted three claims against IHateEverything, and hundreds more against other creators. If you Google that name right now, you’ll see just how problematic they are. Merlin is abusing the broken ass claims system that Google has put into place. It isn’t a machine that’s posting these claims; Merlin themselves are going out of their way to mooch off of the YouTube ad revenue. They’re making these false claims, by hand, to screw everyone over. If you’d like to see IHE’s video, here it is: This is where I get fucking angry. Despite everyone screaming at Google to fix their shit, they’ve outright refused! What the fuck is wrong with you, Google? The claims system, which we all knew was highly flawed, is being abused by corporate shitheels and lawyers who don’t know a goddamn thing about fair use! And you’re sitting on your lazy, fat asses, doing nothing about it! What the hell is it going to take to get you fucking dumbasses to actually fix it? And I bet you’re wondering why Doug Walker spent most of his time on Blip; it’s because you fucking slackers are too fucking stupid to fix this abused claim system! The only way to stop this blatant, and illegal, abuse is to actually do something about it! I swear... That’s enough from me, guys. What do you think of all this bullshit? Let me know down below.
  3. If you guys have been staying out of the YouTube loop, then I suggest you buckle yourselves in. This is going to be a bumpy ride! Just recently, the Fine Brothers, a famous YouTube channel made a video about their newest concept: "React World." For those of you who aren't familiar with their channel, here's a run down of what they do: Gather random indeviduals to their office. Record their reactions to random videos. Profit. So, they proposed "React World" on YouTube just the other day, and everyone is going absolutely nuts over it. For a while, I was wondering why. Today, I found out. As it turns out, the Fine Brothers are trying to screw over other reactor YouTubers (ie; EtikaWorldNetwork, Chadtronic, and RashadTheReactor. They're litterally trying to copyright reaction videos on the site. To which I say: Benny, Raffi, you guys are some greedy, ignorant sons of bitches. I get that you want other people to participate in your company, but as they say: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." You may have good intentions, but sometimes, that isn't enough. That's enough from me. What do you guys think? Do you see "React World" as a good thing, or a bad thing?
  4. Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone! This is my first blog entry on this website. I hope you enjoy nonsensical ramblings; because that’s what you’re gonna be getting here! I tend to go on a million and a half tangents since my brain goes faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. Anyways, let’s open this up on a dream I had last night: It all started at an open-air furmeet. It may have been a Fur BQ, but I don’t recall seeing a grill. Anyways, so I’m going around, being a social fox; I stop to talk with a green kangaroo fursuiter. I’m not entirely sure what we were talking about though. So, the FurBQ continues, and I’m still talking to the roo, when a black, purple, and blue bus comes pulling into the event. That’s when I break off the conversation and go over to the bus. There, I meet up with 2 and Uncle Kage. The bus door opens and my parents come out. I say: “Mom, dad, this is 2 the Ranting Gryphon, and this fine gentleman here is Uncle Kage!” My mom has the decency to shake hands with them, while my dad is rude and just nods at them. I can’t remember much after that, but I think that I was trying to explain to them what furry was, and I was trying to get them to understand it. I think it went over quite well. You know your a furry when you dream about furries. Am I right? Now, I’m going to talk about a somewhat serious topic. Apparently, YouTube/Google’s staff have been removing YouTube videos and entire channels without rhyme or reason. IHateEverything, Bobsheux, and even the NostalgiaCritic have run into this problem. In Doug’s video on the issue, he says that YouTube channels are being taken down without rhyme or reason, and that some of the ways to contact YouTube’s staff don’t work. Unfortunately, that’s because the claims system is an algorithm; there’s no human being behind the claims, and the help desk. That, in my honest opinion, is the biggest fuck up Google has ever done. The forced Google+ integration is nothing compared to this. YouTubers, and the people who watch them, have to suffer because of the flawed system that’s currently in place. Doug’s channel got its monetization revoked four days ago; the poor guy’s going broke because some schmuck, most likely Derrick Savage, abused the broken system. If you can’t take criticism, then why are you in the movie/TV/video game business? Google, I know you don’t want to pay your employees, but PLEASE: Fix the goddamn copyright claims system! It’s broken, it’s exploitable, and it’s outright damning for your website. Take away the algorithm, and put some human beings in place. Thankfully though, Doug got his monetizing back yesterday. In his follow-up video: “What the Hell YouTube? Part 2”, he goes on to say that there are other YOuTubers who have fallen victim to this flawed system. Many of which are Let’s Players, movie critics, and other channels that display copyrighted materials for reviews. With people like Derrick Savage around, the algorithm is easily abused and YouTubers, big or small, are suffering for it. Again, Google, fix it. Now, onto something happier: Final Fantasy VII. Namely the remake. As Reggie would say: “My body is ready!” I can’t stress enough how psyched I am for this game. I’d say I’m a hybrid of Maximillian Dood and Etika when it comes to my level of hype. However, there are people out there who are the exact opposite of that. Recently, YouTube reccomended some Anti-Remake videos to me. I caved and watched one of them. Let’s just say that the person talking was just plain salty. All I could hear was whining like: “WEH! IT’S NOT GONNA BE GOOD BECAUSE IT’S NOT WHAT I WANT IT TO BE!” AKA: a potential elitist. Don’t get me wrong: It’s okay to have an opinion. But, when you’re trying to shit on a game that isn’t even out yet, you look like a dumbass. Okay, I guess I’m done yapping for today. I hope you enjoyed this roller coaster of weirdness and nerd rage. See ya!
  5. Since the upgrade last week I've only seen broken embedding icons for YouTube videos. I presume these folks were using the "Insert other media -> Insert image from URL" path that used to work. What's the new process, does anybody know?
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