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I want to share my funniest Sims experience.

Going way back to my first proper playthrough when my first family moved in, and the neighbours came over for a housewarming. One of the neighbours decided to go for a swim in the pool for a while. And while she was doing this, I decided to adjust the outdoor area a bit.

The neighbour literally never left the pool. She just swam and swam for Sim-weeks on end. My family went through life while this neighbour just swam about in the pool constantly. Eventually, the family made enough money that I could expand the outdoor area, and so I did. I gave them a bigger pool, and changed the position of the ladder for it. And at this point, the neighbour finally got out of the pool, pissed herself, and went to sleep.

I realised that I'd put the fence way too close to the ladder initially so she was blocked off from getting out of the pool for weeks. So eventually, she woke up and promptly died of starvation.

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Time to revive my dead 6 year old thread get stick bugged

Since I got this laptop from my sister, I got all her games she had downloaded. Sims 3 was one of them. So, of course, I modded the balls out of it, and made some sims.

My girlfriend got me into Punch Out, so I made some of the characters from it to start with.

First we have Von Kaiser, the German mustachioed man. I think he turned out pretty well.



Next is Glass Joe, the French loser. I don't care what anyone says, he's cute as fuck. I feel bad punching him in the face.


Next is Great Tiger. One of the most iconic characters in the series besides Glass Joe and Little Mac. I'm so glad I found a mustache mod that was perfect.


Finally, we have Don Flamenco. My girlfriend and I like to play kick the latino with him. I hate him, but I also kinda love him. He's such a smug prick.



And finally, as a bonus, here's Great Tiger without his turban, looking lowkey sexy. Fun fact. That's a female hairstyle!



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