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Rave: Furries getting noticed!


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Actually with some modifications its not so bad. One could buy it, change the eyes to be less dead, make the ears look better, probably make a better set of handpaws, and you got yourself an easy fursuit.

then sell that thing on Furbuy for like $300-$500 and furries be like "Golly gee, what a neat fursuit in my budget range" not realizing it was a pre-packaged halloween costume piece of junk...but hey, I've seen worse 'suits' made by amateurs that people deign to wear.

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Was this also your first time in a Halloween store?

Considering I come from the city that has been consistently rated the #1 Halloween destination in the world. No. Comparing my time as a child in the US around Halloween to our Halloween stores you yanks go all out :P

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