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Oops I Burb'ed


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Heya I'm Eunoiaus or Jello(-o) for short! I'm not overly great at doing these introduction things so I'll just run down some basic facts, sounds good? Alrighty!

Firstly I'm an [Osprey] Avian from the great southern lands of down under (Australia) and I'm currently sitting my HSC in a few months to come. Those who have sat the same thing will understand how chaotic these months will be. I'm an armature digital artist and do free commissions from time to time as to me my level of art isn't worth the cash people have earned through their jobs.

I want to start a comic some time but beginning my engineering degree has taken the rains of my life at the current time. I've been in the fandom by just over a year, lurking around the place trying to find some place to fit in. Soon after posting this you can check out my profile for places to get in touch with me if you wish.

You will probably mostly see me poking around in the artist shack or floating around the water cooler here on the forums. I don't know what else to add so I guess I'll see you lot around the place!

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