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Seeking Digigrade/Faun Legs

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Well, I don't really know where to post this, but this seems the most appropriate place so it'll have to do.

I'm looking for a suit builder who could make me a pair of digigrade legs for my rat character, Mut. She currently lacks her faun...satyr..type reference, as I've not gotten around to drawing it up quite yet, but they're just the same as her feral legs, only digi. There's 3 colors to work with: white (majority), navy blue (minor), and a light flesh tone (light pink is an acceptable substitution, minor color), and claws for the toes would be nice as well.

I've been unsuccessful finding a price on this type of thing less than $1000 (personally, I feel that's far too high for legs, as you can get a fullsuit for that price YES I UNDERSTAND LABOR AND MATERIAL COSTS).

I'm looking for someone capable of:

  • Digigrade leg building
  • Building RAT feet paws
  • Building a rat tail for the legs

Any recommendations, forum stalkers?

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