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Omega EX Nightmares


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I know there's a weird dreams thread, but this is something that's been bothering me for the last week. I have been having the most brutal and horrific nightmares. The last time I had this problem, I was 8 and so terrified to sleep because of the things in my head. Usually I'm pretty good at changing things to make sure "Sleep Pachi" doesn't have any terrible experiences. Either just making scary things not happen or waking up instantly before they do. But it's like being a kid again right now. I'm locked in and everything that can go wrong absolutely does go wrong.

The worst of it was Friday morning. I had left my window open overnight so I could turn my room into Snowhead Temple. The weather was great! @w@

During a particularly bad nightmare though someone outside was using some wailing machinery like a wood chipper or something. You know when you're half sleep and noises get louder?Since my window was wide open, it was really loud and half woke me up. But I was still dreaming and that amplified noise made a very violent, decomposing ghost woman scream in my face. Of course it wasn't real but since I was somewhat awake, it felt too much like it was and it scared me into a panic for a few seconds. 

I had a physical a month ago and my doctor thinks I could be stressed because I was having very intense palpitations. I never feel super stressed though. I imagine stress is something you always feel actively burdening you, something you show on the surface. But I guess I am and just don't quite know how to identify it. Not like I can really do anything about it, though.

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