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The Consumerism Thread

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Somehow got a pre-order for this through sheer dumb luck. Picked it up today. I am not looking forward to trying to get the inevitable N64 Classic next year given the clusterfuck the NES classic and SNES classic have both been with Nintendo's bullshit artificial shortages practice.

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This just came in the mail today. It’s a lamp which connects you to another person through a single touch! After having it for just a couple of hours, I’d totally recommend to those who are in a long distance relationship. 







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So the last two months or so I've been spending way too much money... In no particular order:



Sigma 100-400mm lens, 829€


Lowepro Flipside 500 AW, 120€



Ticwatch E, 127€


Be Quiet! Silent Base 600, 90€ (really nice case, highly recommended :) )


Zotac 1050 Ti Mini, 140€



Sennheiser PXC 550, 285€ (I love them, they are amazing...)

Also new clothes for a total of about 200€.






300€. I need to stop DX

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