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Rave: A Huge Weight Lifted Off My Chest

Sidewalk Surfboard

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This is my first rave :V

Today, I finally did something I've been needing to do for a while. I finally, finally was able to report the harassment I received from Quinn to the local police. You do not understand how happy I'm feeling right now. I haven't been this happy in months and months. Knowing that I'll finally be able to get the help I need is just such a good thing. I have at least 27 captures of evidence and I'm hoping to show them to the counselor on Monday so she can take a first hand look at what happened. I'm just so fucking relieved.


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To all of you wondering, Quinn was a person I had previously admired and looked up to, until they began to harass me and manipulate me out of the blue. It got so bad that I was contemplating suicide.

It's horrible to hear someone treated you so cruelly and pushed you to the limit where you considered suicide. But it's great to hear you've taken action against it and you're also getting professional counseling. I really hope the best for you and you never hear from Quinn again!

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Wow! Major congrats there Sidewalk, color me impressed! I always admire those that step out of their roles of helplessness and take control of their situation. Instead of being scared and whining you actually did something brave for yourself to stand against a bully.


Ah, but small victory aside, I would not say you are out of the ballpark yet. Im not sure how serious the police takes your case or how Quinn will react to snitching. Keep at it though, hope things end up being good for you, then.

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