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Which criminal organizations do you think are more dangerous?


Which criminal organizations do you think are more dangerous?  

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  1. 1. Who's more dangerous?

    • Mafias (Italian, Russia, Yakuza, etc)
    • Street gangs (Crips, Bloods, 18th Street, etc)
    • Biker gangs (Hells Angels, Mongols, Bandidos, etc)
    • Prison gangs (Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, etc)
    • Drug cartels (Mexican, Columbian, etc)

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>The Mafia

Seeing as they generally won't fuck with you unless you fuck with them, and the fact that I don't have a death wish means I'm not too worried.

>Street gangs

I'm not retarded enough to put myself in a situation where they would be a problem.

> Biker gangs

Same as the mafia

>Prison gangs

I'm not in prison so I don't care

>Drug cartels

I don't live near the border so I don't care.


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Are you sure you didn't drop this?


you must not be paying attention to our government

but youll grow wise to them eventually 

read between the lines to see the massive conspiracy that is literally out in the open for anybody to follow

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The Koch Brothers, ha ha.

Seriously, it depends on how you define "dangerous." Does dangerous mean, "capable of hurting lots of people?" Does it mean, "capable of seriously hurting people in scary ways?" Does it mean "sociopathic?" Does it mean, "has the greatest 'reach' over different areas of society?" Or, does it mean, "has the most damaging effects on society as a whole?"

Also, dangerous to whom? The MS-13 are very scary and dangerous if you live in their territory, but if you live in Bumfuck, Manitoba, you probably won't even have heard of 'em.



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All the groups listed have almost no relevance except in very specific scenarios (prison gangs aren't a concern unless you're in prison), with some being regional (the Mafia and Cartel aren't an issue unless you live within an area where they conduct business because I doubt anyone living in Idaho is dealing with the Mafia or Cartel). The ones that have wider influence and threat are still only a problem under specific circumstances (biker gangs most likely wont fuck with anyone who doesn't fuck with them, and street gangs are usually only a prevalent problem in the lower income areas where they thrive). The poll options are too limited for this thread's subject.

Terrorist groups are a much bigger widespread threat and that would be my pick for which is most dangerous, yet that option is omitted from the poll.

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I love it when this sort of response gets played in response to claims of the US government being the biggest criminal organization in the world.

Because General Smedley Butler, the highest-ranked USMC General at the time, knows this to be the truth and fucking stopped the Bush family from taking over the USA once before.

And wrote a whole fucking book on it. "War is a Racket." He would know, since HE WAS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN SOME OF THE BIGGEST SCHEMES OF THE TIME PERIOD.

It needs to be required reading for every American citizen.

My grandfather, Lt. Col USMC (deceased) echoed similar sentiments regarding the times he fought Korea and Vietnam. It wasn't about stopping communism, it was about destabilization and profiting off of it.

I find the whole statement to be laughable, the US government has its problems, yes, but it's hardly a criminal organization. 

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I'd say the KKK since they are somewhat of an accepted domestic terrorist Organization in the Southern US. 

Street gangs like the Bloods, Crips, Latino Kings, etc. are dangerous due to the ties with both drug (and to some extent) human trafficking.

Mafia like the Russian Mafia and Triads are big problems due to Human trafficking for the most part and Drug trafficking. They mostly deal with the street and biker gangs to "Ship" drugs.

Prison gangs do not have much power outside of Prison. 

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Latin Kings is a prison gang, though. It's the white boy's Gangsta Disciples.

They aren't.


They are actually North Eastern street gang with chapters spreading through the midwest and Southwest, and southeast. They have roots in Puerto Rico. There's a gang in Norfolk right by the beach here in my state and the Bloodz will not touch Ocean View.  They are Puerto Ricans and they only accept Puerto Ricans and sometimes Mexicans. They do not accept gringos or any other ethnicities. 


Here's a list of prison gangs by ethnicity:


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I saw plenty of white boy blue-eyes LKs with the King tatted on them during my stint in Mississippi in the very beginning of this millennium. The group has been expanding and has had a pact with the Simon City Royals at least across the Mississippi prison system.

Then they are more likely saying that they are from hispanic Descent somewhere down the line, blood ties, or jointly operating with another gang or drug ring in that area since the hispanic population isn't as big like Baltimore or Brooklyn. However, the LKN is not a prison gang, but they may operate with prison gangs like the Texas Syndicate.


Here in Norfolk, there's a sizable Puerto Rican presence and they would string up  a white person for claiming that they were part of that gang. The libraries also had to deal with the LKN patrolling the library because some jagoff was tagging Bloods gang shit all over the walls. 

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Those who fail to learn from history...





Note the word 'alleged'

And don't try to teach me any of your phony-baloney conspiracies, please. I don't take too lightly to people who think they know more about politics than I do, when they're really just blowing smoke.

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gangs these days are so pervasive they literally have splinter gangs to take care of shit for them in prison

and make loads of money off of drugs in prison

and put out hits on niggas who fucked up, and usually for shit that happened on the street

prohibition has created a 100 billion dollar plus a year business that is armed to the teeth and it lives in our back yard

the body count isnt one to sneeze at either

but hey the CIA does it too

dont you want to know how many billions of dollar of gun money we donated to heroin traffickers who also happen to be terrorists right out of your tax dollars?

i bet you do

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If you won't listen to one of the country's then-top generals, and you won't pay attention to the gutting of our rights, let alone war crimes we're committing (we've used WP against Geneva conventions as one example) then there's no point in even trying to discuss it with you because you're entirely unprepared for discussion of the subject in the first place.

One or two mentions is conspiracy. A repeating pattern over a long period of time (and further corroborated by recent Edward Snoden leaks) is far, far stronger than mere conspiracy.

The fact you're so dismissive already proves you're not prepared to try discussing this.

I am quite well prepared, Mr. Know It All. I am not blind to the fact that our government has done some things that it probably shouldn't have, but no I don't think it's worth fabricating a conspiracy over. 

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