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I dont get fat


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One or two nights of binge candy won't do anything to you, especially if you're younger. As you get older, poor eating habits hit you worse.

I do get fat from shitty food, but it takes a bit. Makes developing better eating habits difficult since I won't visibly notice any gain for a long time.

Trying to cut down on booze to help me out. I've become bitter because of this. I miss mah whiskey :(

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There are others? I have never gone above 155 lbs, and that was when I worked at a building with an amazing cafeteria. I ate pizzas (yes, an entire small pizza) and double bacon hamburgers every single lunch break, and snacked non-stop the rest of the time. Drank absolutely nothing but soda and energy drinks. Only gained 10 pounds and not an ounce more. I wish I could distill my metabolism magic into a bottle and sell it, I'd make billions.

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