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Hevisaurus: Heavy metal for children


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Hevisaurus is good. I've gotten adult non-furry metalhead friends into Hevisaurus.

My boyfriend has limited patience for furry crap, and I once walked by when he was watching a Hevisaurus video, several days after I'd shared my favorite video of them with him.

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Metal music... for children... holy crap!??!  It figures someone in the North of Europe would manage to create something like this first... considering they also have LARP in schools that is mandatory and whatnot.

This is beautiful... I will have to indoctrinate introduce my eventual children to metal through something like this... :P

I uhh...what?

Hevisaurus is topkek. Singing ranting songs about how they had to eat sausage with ketchup instead of mustard is just huehuehue.

I think they also made a movie about them hevisauri, which most of the footage is from.

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