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The Wise Captain of the Sinking Vessel


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Fellow furs I have come to a time in my life whre I'm getting ready for a dive into unknown, as I have taken probably the greatest risk I will ever take, but to illustrate my state of mind, allow me to tell you a little story of mine:

Once upon a time, in a world where all sought to roam the seven seas, lived a boat captain known as Renart The Crazy.
Renart desired, like many captains, to set foot on the Island of Fortune. Alas many of his pairs were already sailing for it, and a vast never ending sea battle roared around this island.
Renart did not have majestic swift frigate, nor did he have a colossal first-rate ship-of-the-line and a hundred cannons.
No, the poor captain only had an old cutter and a small but trusty crew.
But Renart was crafty, one day he set sail to the Island of Fortune along with his trusty crew and his six cannons ready to fire.
As they approached the Island, they started to see a mist of cannon smoke from which emerged the loud roar of cannons, the screams of those dying and the shouts of men fighting. This sea of death was overcast by dense black ash clouds constantly fueled by the burning wrecks of exploded ships.
Renart's crew was brave but as their vision was clouded by the smoke mist, their bravery declined. One asked the captain:

"- Sir the battle raging there might be too much for our ship to handle. The smoke shrouds our vision, we don't know what is in there and how much there is!
- Fear no unkown sailor, Renart answered, for fortune awaits us there, and I shall not be the captain who turned his back to smoke and noise."

As they got closer the captained told the crew to drop the sails, as the ship was now pushed by the stream towards the battlefield. The sailor asked again:
"- Sir this cutter is built for speed! Why drop the sails? We could fast through the battlefield and and set foot on the island by tommorrow!
-Why recklessly rush and risk our lives, Renart answered, when we could tread slowly carefully as the tide brings us to the island?"

As they entered the smoke mist the sounds of struggles got louder, in the distance they could see massive silouhettes of big mighty ships-of-the-line lit by muzzle flashes and giant fires.
Renart unimpressed by such a display of power took an axe and cut down the mast of his cutter. The sailor came to him again appalled by this move:
"-Sir, why did you do such a reckless move? We may never be able to go back now!
- Fear no unknown sailor, Renart grunted, annoyed, we left for Fortune, not to return! Our small cutter is now disguised as a simple launch, and no ship-of-the-line captain would ever waste a salvo on a simple launch!

The cutter made it's way through the big ships and soon they could make out the shores of the island through the thick fog of smoke, As the crew rejoiced, the captain once again took his axe and fiercly struc the ship's hull under the water line, as a stream of water poured inside, wetting all the gunpowder, the captain proceeded to start a small fire on the ship. Mad, the sailor came to him again:
"- You crazy stupid brainless fucker! You're gonna drown us all! And who knows what lies in the great abyss?
-Silence, Renart shouted, fear no unknown and follow my lead! We may have passed through the big ships, but ahead the ones of our likes, that rushed ahead like you wanted us to are in a dreadful fight, it would be a hard task to breach through with our only six cannons! But in this state our ship is disguised as a wreck, and no captain in his right mind would have his men shoot a wreck. Now tell the others to come inside and remain silent, the tide will push us to the Island without having to fire a single shot!"


This story doesn't have an end, why? Because this catain represents me, the ship is my life, and the world around him represents that around me.
Allow me to explain:
Back last year I made the bold decision to purposefully fail my last semester in order to retake it and get a better grade at it. This my first wise attempt at sinking my ship.

But now I just took the biggest risk of them all and terminated my appartment's rent contract. This appartment is the cheapest I could ever get of this kind but I was starting to struggle paying my rent. I now have a month to live this appartment. To local furry friends of mine offered me to stay at their place for free for as long as I participated in paying for food. I'm aiming to stay there so I can save a bit of my money to get an appartment with a friend as roomates afterwards.
It's really the most reckless thing I've done life-choice-wise, and I hope it will work.

As Renart I fear no unknown, and let's hope that the little cutter will make it to the shore ^w^


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Long story. What did it say?

OP isa crazy sea captain who wrecks his ship on purpose and his crew flips out on him for being a psycho...but his whole ship wrecking thing is super wise and reasonable master plan that the crew is too pleb to understand


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Can't say that I think either of those things sounds like a good idea, but you're not my captain so the best of luck to you.

You make it sound like you may have gotten that better grade. Did you?

well I will have to wait till may-june to know, the second semester hasn't even started yet ^^

my only question is why is the rum gone

hope you have solid friends and your plan works


We packed Bénédictine and Bombay Sapphire and then we realised there was no place left for the rum TwT
And my friends are purrty solid ^^ Some people on these forums know how solid they are. Plus they're both furry!

Good luck. Living under the whims and good graces of someone else is a frustrating state of existence.

Especially for someone like me who tends to refuse charity ^^

Long live the reckless and the brave!

An interesting tale, and I can relate to cutting ties and sailing off into unknown to reach fortune.


Wish you the best, Kook!

thanksies valsiefloof ^w^

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Oh Kooky-love. I know this feeling all too well and would never will this life upon another. It's indeed a struggle but it's also an adventure; treat it as such. (Although I don't have to be telling you that. >w<)

I will be wishing you the best and always be rooting & cheering you on in all your endeavors! I know you'll survive this. 



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Oh Kooky-love. I know this feeling all too well and would never will this life upon another. It's indeed a struggle but it's also an adventure; treat it as such. (Although I don't have to be telling you that. >w<)

I will be wishing you the best and always be rooting & cheering you on in all your endeavors! I know you'll survive this. 



Damn right I'll survive >:3 !   Struggles make you stronger, and they make you appeciate your life to it's full value! I may not have a lot but I'm the fucking king of this city!

Thanks for your suport vaersies ^w^

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