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Dare let me draw you?


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If you will, good lord Overshear

i do.

sorry for shitty webcam picture. if you like it I can scan it.

WIN_20151118_111848 (2).JPG

If you're fine with cyborgs, I might have a male human character for you.  Unfortunately, I don't have a legitimate ref sheet for him, just some concept sketches as he's still in development.

1 / 2

didn't work out the way I wanted it. I'm sorry.


WIN_20151118_112229 (2).JPG

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I only have female characters.

Thanks for offering, I don't know if any of these seem useful:

Hell Charm: http://sta.sh/029ei63apdpu

Rook: http://sta.sh/02xg06inrss

Black King: http://sta.sh/0athujihrvc

Talisa: http://sta.sh/0bd7zmylxvs

:3 hope they can help you out


quoting you so I have all the refs in one comment thank you.

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