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free art: sketches/headshots


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I'd be happy to drop you some refs! I'll link two, to give you more choices. (That is, if you do decide to draw one of mine at all, haha. ^^; )

Here's Felix, a Red Panda/Visayan Spotted Deer hybrid:


And Damien, a Houndoom (from Pokemon):


Thank you in advance if you decide to draw one of my characters!

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I don't have a lot of very good headshot references, so here's a few pieces to get the gist






Have at it, thanks for offering!


There's also this, any extra infor needed is in the description

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Here's the best picture of my character's face, but I gotta add a mild NSFW warning for a nipple.



I forgot to provide a reference for her clothes because she's nekkid in the last one. >w>


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