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Wrapping canvas?


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This is probably a bit of a weird thing to ask and I'm not 100% sure if this is the most appropriate subforum for it, but I'm sure some of you might know about this.

I'm purchasing prints from ebay that are printed on paper and canvas. This question is about the prints on canvas. I went around looking for wood frames to stretch them over and came up empty handed, so I started looking for regular frames.. nothing.. and then I found flat canvases (no wood board) that you actually paint on. I figured that I'd just wrap and glue/tape the canvas prints over these canvases and call it a day.
Would this work?
I don't mean like super tight so that it bows, but just a regular tape over the edges?

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Making your own frame and stretching the canvas isn't terribly difficult. It's pretty solid stuff assuming it isn't ancient bottom-barrel coffee bag canvas crap.

My mom's 4th husband used to own a frame shop. I spent a couple summers doing that.

I don't have the wood available ATM and the stores I went to didn't have frame kits. I'd even just frame the canvas in regular frames, but some of these pictures are too big. average being about 16 x 20

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