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Embed from Bandcamp?


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Forgive me if there is already a way to do this, but I was wondering if it would be possible to include some sort of system to embed songs or albums from Bandcamp? If such a way doesn't exist already, I think it would be nice to include such a system, like what already exists for twitter and YouTube.

  • Users who are active in the music creation forums (The Blue Note) could have an easier experience uploading some of their work in order to show the other users instead of a plain hyperlink. So other users can listen to their work without leaving the site.
  • Users in the entertainment forums (The Tube) could benefit from such an embedding when sharing some of the songs that they enjoy that they cannot find tracks on YouTube.
  • Both of these users could have the additional benefit of not taking up the whole screen with the YouTube video and instead a smaller, more concise way. Saving others from having to scroll down constantly to listen.

I know they have their embedded options, but one that actually supports the forum's software would be ideal. Well, unless it's already in place and I'm being dumb.

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Soundcloud does have embedding
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