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it's not a fursuit but I want to show you what I'm making


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What is it supposed to fire? Bullets? Lasers? Boiling hot water? That should determine what the body of the gun looks like, and whether it needs ammo clips, energy dampers, or a kettle.

it's a Tesla Raygun. the thing on front will 'function' as a directable tesla coil, so it will fire electric energy

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Needs damper coils and a power reserve, either as a rechargeable battery or swappable battery "clips". A cooling system would be wise as well, so the gun doesn't overheat in the middle of a battle.

it will be linked to a steampack on my back. Im still looking for a small smoke maker to use, as well as a soundpack.

Something like this then?


You do have a nice start, I think. Keep it up!

thank you! And yes, only non funtioning.

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