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Food is Amazing


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Man. I love food. What a versatile thing it is.

It keeps you alive. It tastes wonderful. Proper food has outstanding health benefits. It's a staple of so many different cultures and can have ethnicity all on it's own. It's fun to cook. It can be decorative and come in every color. Great to eat with friends/family at parties and gatherings. Makes the perfect gift for most occasions. You can even combine foods to make better foods! Just when you think you've had the best of one kind of food, someone makes it even better because of the thousands of ingredients that make food. So even if you're eating the same thing by name, you can still get something totally different in taste, smell, and texture but still familiar. And pizza is food! 

About the only thing bad about food is that some people sadly are less fortunate to have a steady supply of it and that's saddening. But other than that, food is the truth.

Go eat something delicious and be sure to thank it for being wonderful.

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I'm happy that I've finally started to enjoy food again. ;w;
For a couple of months or so, everything was just kind of... Bland, to me. I dunno if it was stress or what (probably with all the stuff going on in October), but nothing was all that enjoyable to eat anymore. But now that that's over and everything's calmed down, stuff tastes good again. Having my braces off doesn't hurt that fact, either. :v

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Such truth. A lot of people don't really appreciate it, take it for granted.

Learning to cook will make you appreciate your food. You don't really appreciate a chicken until you pluck, skin, and hack one up yourself. Meat especially is so easy to take for granted because it comes prepared for us in shops and markets. Always be aware that the thing you're preparing was once a living thing, like you. Don't waste any of it and savour every fucking bite.

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