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Movie: Pets (release July 2016)


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Hey furs, seen the trailer for the new movie "Pets" yet? I know it's here somewhere, gimme a sec.........................

*POP* https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=87bxIqvuBlY

there we go. What's your thoughts? I reckon it looks mad, and hella funny. Can't waaaaaaait


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Meh.... Not thrilled not hating it, at least I didn't cringe like I did with the trailer of Zootopia.
That just had we want R34 of the Characters, and they got it the day the trailer was shown, people were already jerking off to it

Really? Do explain further.

Because, well, the only thing I hated about the Zootopia teaser was the fucking pun at the end.

This trailer, though, I couldn't last 45 seconds. Eww.

ALSO, I'll be watching Zootopia on March 3rd or 4th at NordicFuzzCon so I'll be sure to tell y'all about how murry it is. ;3

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