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Special Holiday Sale! ($40.00 Sketchpage Commission)


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Seasonal Sale for the upcoming Holiday Season!

This is not something I normally offer and if I keep it as an option the price WILL go up! Get it while you can~ Perfect for gifts!

Mini Sketchpage Commissions by marbledaydreams

$40.00 USD

Victor Faithill - Mini Sketchpage

Mini Sketchpages will include:

  • 1 full body
  • 2 waist ups
  • 2 busts
  • 3-4 panel mini comic


  • All sketchpages are fully colored and shaded. Exception to the mini comic which will be colored to suit the style. 
  • Final canvas size is: 1000 x 825 pixels, I can make it larger upon request, however, you will not get more drawn than the above mentioned.
  • All sketchpages will be completed on or before the week of Christmas.
  • I can draw human, furry, kemonomimi, closed species, ect. The only thing I will not draw is muscle heavy or bulky characters.
  • Upon request I will draw these sketchpages to a theme, for example: Christmas sweaters for the holidays, blood splattered for a more dark theme, ect. 
  • As it comes closer to the holidays and my workload increases I might restrict slots so as to be able to complete them on time. 
  • SFW is preferred, however, I would be willing to work with you on something a bit more NSFW.

Original Characters, Fanart, Self Inserts, Real People, Suggestive Poses, Smut, NC-17, NSFW, Characters with no Prior Drawn Reference, Genderbends, Crossdressing, Furry, Human, Kemonomimi, Lolita and J-Fashion 

Bara, Really Bulky/Muscle Heavy Characters, Vore

I accept face claims and written descriptions as reference as well as drawn or otherwise depicted reference.

How to Order:

  • Send me a note via the forums or an email at marbledaydreams@gmail.com. titled "Sketchpage Commission" telling me what you were interested in as well as a few references (if any). Do not send payment until you have contacted me and I have agreed to your request, please.
  • Await my response. I take about 12 - 24 hours to get back to my customers on busy days. 
  • After the commission has been approved, I will give you a full form outlining the details of the commission and confirming the payment method. 
  • Payment can be made via email through paypal OR debit card through Square Cash. A small fee of $3.00 USD might be added to paypal transactions.
  • Once payment is received I will begin working on your sketchpage! 
  • Note: Orders are completed in the order they are received. This means from the time I receive payment not from the time the order was placed.



Thank you for your time!


If you like my work and are interested in other things I offer, check out my Commission Thread: 


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