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I will rant about my rave.


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Thanks to all you glorious fuckers for keeping the good parts of FAF alive.

Thanks for keeping a community I've been a part of since I was 17 going.

Thanks for not giving in to the bullshit that consumed the furry fandom.

Thanks for not saying 'fuck it' and giving up on the whole idea altogether.


Carenath, you glorious fenian bastard. Thanks for fucking with FA til the end. I hope this place stands on its own for as long as FAF did. I love you fuzzies.

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Good to be here and good to have you here.. I'm honestly surprised this place is doing as well as it has; FAF before the big fiasco that brought us here was extremely slow and quiet, and this place, Phoenix, is very active. The forum atmosphere, occasional heated arguments aside, feels a lot more lively and friendlier and more fun. Its a lot more loose and relaxed and it feels good to not have to worry about what a poor site runner a person is. Instead we have the wonderful Carenath, keeping this place alive and well. He's gone far beyond what anyone could expect of him, I think. 

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I think its been 1 1/2 year(s) for me so far...wow. Time sure does fly. And honestly all the new things this forum has to offer on a daily basis brings me a lot of satisfaction.

...And Ive said this before, but it gives me a place to speak my mind, communicate, and invest time in others. Something Im incapable of doing irl. As far as online communities go this is the most tight-knit one Ive been in. I may almost never talk to all of its members, but I recognize a vast majority of you guys and know a lot of details about you people by heart. You guys rock.

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