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help plz im retarded


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So my computer has gone a bit strange on me. Or rather the keyboard. I tried changing the batteries in the wireless keyboard but it did nothing. Then i plugged in an unused brand new keyboard the one that came with it. And it does nothing. How does this even work? Cant even type in the password to login. Help plz?

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Since Windows 10 is just 8.1 with some additional crap, the same scenario approach typically applies.

Windows 8+ has a habit of suddenly losing the keyboard. It will work PERFECTLY FINE when you boot the system up (you can get into BIOS or Recovery options, etc.) but as soon as Windows 8+ loads, your keyboard becomes absolutely unresponsive. Mouse will work fine, though.

Do this: click into a text field, and just hold down a single key for a long time. Does a character appear? If so, then it's likely that FilterKeys got kicked on. Go into your settings and turn that shit off (and StickyKeys, and the other one) in its entirety.

Did you not get a character to appear? At this point and time, your OS is likely hosed. You have to reinstall. I've come across this across many Windows 8/8.1 computers (my own and those of other people.) I've tried it all from replacing the system KBD*****.DLL, to getting the on-screen keyboard up to type in the password hoping that the keyboard would become responsive once actually past the login screen, to turning off all those keyboard enhancements Windows has had enabled by default since fucking Windows 95 (and which everybody hates) to doing rollbacks (which typicaly don't work anyways because the keyboard problem happens after just a regular reboot without anything having been installed) and repair disc. No dice.


so i have to find the stupid disc and recover to 8 and then redownload 10 somehow? 

oh no

my dreams are shattered of easily playing fallout 4

i mmight just say fuck it and buy xbox

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