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Your most memorable FAF moments


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I think this new forum is kick-ass, but face it, most of us are FAF derivatives. I still fuck up trying to type in the web-address these days.

What is your most memorable moment? What really stands out to you after years and years of existence?

Woops, I just noticed a recent thread with the exact same premise, my bad! Delete this if it isn't relevant :D

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Gotta be someone else, because I was never even signed up for FAF, haha.

This is the first furry forum I've ever joined

Ah, there was somebody by the name Azure on the other forum that was a pretty cool person. You've got a lot of interesting posts yourself! I haven't spent enough time here to differentiate. :P

People making the same threads over and over is a pretty good faf memory, well done

Yeah, I saw the other similar one right after I posted this one. My bad

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So many memories, but I liked the Slutfox thread the most. It pissed off a few ppl which was even funnier. (How long can you talk about this fox shit? Lol)

Ah, yes - the thread of all threads to finally determine that otters are the master species, and that foxes are, indeed, sluts. And not the good kind of slut, either.

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When that one guy came in and said we should count like "twoty" and "fivety" or some shit, then got butthurt at us and tried to say that he was "trolling" in a poor attempt at damage control.

that reminds me, there used to be a lot of people that would say Eleventy-something for 110-119

I think it was just one of those cute things that old men do

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Especially the time you popped a cord on what i said in a PM. You were really annoyed it was beautiful. Plus you were defending a cut and paste user who takes google images and adds stuff that does'nt fit in the art thread.

Yeah, that was funny. I won't be doing that stuff any time soon.  

On my new No-Bullshit regime,  I fully embrace you and laugh that old stuff away. 

Forgive me.



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There are no words that can describe the true art that is encased within this god-tier shitpost


i make list of tip to shaer suces with woman


1. show her cock you will rock hard
2. use object she will fuck
3. you pay money she hug clit
4. around house paint everyry where but not on ass
5. by her flower tell she smell better lies
6. advice from dog no good
7. god go to church stay in women
8. show house early peek in window shitty tit no no
9. motherfuck shouldn't be obligation
10. no sex until third gate or secund blobgoljob or somethin
11. dont drive moms van full of bullet hole
12. when suit on dont jack in head for hair
13. steal her shit pretend police
14. no church finger
15. use school restroom for mail
16. shit her place bad up
17. shit ur place her dont mind
18. alwys pay for shit
19. slow fuck good but ask the server
20. play video of last famlily meetung
21. neighbor dog claims is yours
22. her women
23. teddy bare not teddy beer
24. if she naked watch parent
25. if you naked watch dad
26. jew girl more money but the barbecue is hard
27. into violence date shittie girls
28. more fucker because the barrels roll
29. go bar find girl fuck
30. expensive restarant is more fuck
31. a 1 nigh stand can last 30 years
32. if pregant aim for bellier button
33. watch movie lame kill her whit time
34. show porn o everything LOL.
35. pillow threermammep
36. acup boobsex embaras
37. if she no good return flahslight
38. do drug she not smoke oh no
39. do coke she not do drink it
40. your penis is like taoast temple
41. despite movies apple pie not vagina
42. number one best tip
43. oh yea stic it in her
44. if want marry forget name
45. because fuck of house
46. look at moon see her face oh fuck she is very fat
47. if fat take to mxdonald
48. other burgre king
49. taco bell classe girl
50. fuck at restraunt no good you pay driver

51. fuck driver too yes
52. hot frend take break go back
53. u have knive use
54. no condom remove imediately
55. weahere ass is hat
56. men have butthole think about it
57. i try nple fuck
58. eat posse she no cry
59. if she cock run away
60. vagena like mammoth no bad u cock god
61. alwayse jack off
62. com on face just lotoin
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64. if siucide get in last dick
65. drool a bit not bad pass it food
66. baby fuck no
67. justin beiber = pusse
68. if she not keep outisde the chest
69. lol
70. no swallo press harder
71. because she is a whale dosnt mean no plancton
72. turn light off see cock better
73. try attempt celebrity
74. terrorits hot she fuck bomb
75. pretend you are dinosoar inside her
76. u king lion of africa national geographic tits
77. u ugly she ugy u 23
78. lissen old music girs pretend to lik
79. gun to head no shame
80. ancient romAN lesbiun ok be ceser``
81. posittub god betr eral
82. baby daddy with gun wear vbest
83. kill fucker if tuch ddick
84. mama hot fuck too
85. papa hot touf luck
86. no money sell body
87. motheruck inA CLUSTET=R`
88. nevr apologize for cum accident`
89. more pride with age but ball less small
90. cardboard pice in her vagana
91. the little man listen him good cock
92. likie animal u must fight against ass
93. she look like bloke use her
94. she destroid comp with boob watch out
95. car good but leave room for dick inside pedal
96. blue ball jack bathrrom is only color
97. america land of pussy europe land of tit middle east terrorist
98. eat reese good breathe
99. try to smelt like food if fat
100. number 1 best tip



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Does anyone else remember how much of a chore it was to dig through threads to find quoted replies to you?

Holy shit, yes

I also had this weird habit of checking through my post history every time I got a 'This' in order to find the post it came from.

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I hardly remember that guy, mostly because i don't remember any of the stuff he was into being weird/off putting. >_>

Wired and off-putting is kind of an understatement. =~=

I think I've seen him post quite a bit on the furry subreddit.

I'm kind of glad he hasn't found us.


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