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Hey, so here's the deal, I just got my shit back together in my life enough to return to my favorite leisure activity, furry art, so i will take a request if you want it. Maybe two who knows im feelin craaaazy. lemme know ;) i'll pick some one if anyone based on no criteria whatsoever :D woooo chaos 





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Draw two otters having a duel with pistols. You know you want to.

Yes, yes I do, and it will be done.

I'mma jump on this :B

If you pick mine, I don't mind what pose! Am not picky at all.

Boom bing bang. You're in. REQUESTS CLOSED!


For now anyway, i'll post here again if i feel up to it :)

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Looks like I missed it. Bummer. I was interested in doing a trade.

Hey I'll do a trade with you anyway man are you kidding :'D I have always loved your work!

Nice thing you're doing. Just don't let people take advantage of your generosity. 

thanks for looking out for me, but i'll be fine :3

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