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A rant of sorts


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Hello Fuzz and Scalebutts. I haven't been active in the past 3 weeks (who cares right?) any way I just need to get this off my chest. If you don't like to hear about filthy medical stuff I'll give a revised version at the end.

Back on the 7th of November I started to feel a bit of pain around my body but I put it down to just lying in bed badly. The next day the pain increased so I took a painkiller and grabbed the bus down to my hometown for an job interview the next day. Now it is Sunday night and I notice just a tiny bit of blood when I piss and think "weow, this might be a problem". But regardless I sleep on it as it wasn't that much. Next day is Monday and I go to the interview feeling very fucking weak, interview went well (didn't get the job but they'll keep in contact if a replacement comes up blahblahblah) and what do you know my piss is now more blood than well... piss. My GP takes me on Tuesday the 10th and says "You have an incredibly rare infection in males! This is only common in women your age!" so horray I thought, I may not be a gurl but I sure do get the side affects, GP (general practicioner) gives me a weeks dose of antibiotics and off I go!


Now I read through the side affects "May cause drowsiness, vomiting, diarrohhea" and well enough I get those symtoms. Thing is, throughout the whole week I vomit 15 minutes after taking the antibiotic, on Thursday the 12th I notice red spots appearing around my eyes, I read up on it and find out it could just be a simple case of vomiting too much... that's fine. So keep in mind I am vomiting 3 times a day (had to take the antiboitic that many times). Monday the 16th comes along and at night time I notice what looks like a heat rash appear on my skin. I think "Probably a heat rash, oh well I go to the GP tommorow we'll see what happens". Yeah I wake up the next fucking day... Tuesday the 17th with my face completely swollen, I am fully fucking red all over my body. I get to my GP and he is terrified, he tells me to rush immediately to the Hospital and gives me a letter to hand in. Off I go to Hospital weee! After 6 hours in Accident and Emergency I have two needles inserted into my hands, one to rehydrate me and the other giving me steroids to keep me alive. During those 6 hours I had various forms of tests done and I get admitted into hospital.


Okay I am in hospital. It's okay things will be fine Kinny... Wait why am I in this pressurised room on my own? Well it turns out they think I have a rare viral infection and I am informed that my kidneys have stopped working. The doctors voice trembles as he says "We think it is Vasculitis", I have no clue what this is but a scared Doctor scares me. I spend the night having a constant drip going. Next day, it is Wednesday the 18th and the Doctor tells me I am getting a biopsy, lie on your belly and get ready to be operated on! We're extracting some of your kidneys! Horray, that was fucking horrifyingly scary. I wait 2 days in isolation with constantly blood samples being taken and well I am fucking terrified as I have to give constant urine samples. Every time I drink water I have to rush to the toilet to piss.


Okay so it's now Friday the 20th and the Doctor returns and says "Good news Kinny! You don't have Vasculitis you did have a nasty viral infection that had similar symtoms but you'll be fine! Your kidneys are improving and we reckon they're working at 60%. We'll move you into a mixed room for the next few days" so yay I am getting better, I definately feel better but I am still stuck in this hospital. I get a sort of okay sleep and then I am told the next day on Saturday "You're being moved wards!" (this ward is known locally as the geriatic ward. I am 21 and the second youngest patient was 67) well I won't lie to you guys, I did have a big cry when my Mother came to visit and I begged her to discharge me (Medicial treatment is free, the hospital refuses to discharge people unless they feel they are either fit or have people to care for them at their request). She refuses and tells me they'll probably release me on the Monday. Well the Nurse comes along and says "If your blood comes back fine tonight we can let you go out for 8 hours on Sunday." so I stay in for another night feeling horrible because I feel fit to go home. Sunday comes and sure enough the Nurse arrives as my Mother does and says "Good news Kinny, blood is fine and we can let you go out for a few hours" as soon as she says that I am getting changed into more clothes with the other guys in the room (pretty funny and interesting guys) laughing away.


And so I enjoy my cousins birthday and a McDonalds (why? Because I fucking could that's why! I had nearly a week of bland hospital food!) and all goes well. Monday comes and the Doctor arrives early in the morning (8am) "Kinny, you might get released at 3pm!" cool I thought. 2 hours later he arrives "Kinny I'm sorry, we've revised the discharge and it is now 6pm" and now I am angry, well all wasn't too bad, the doctor comes in at 3pm and says "Results are in from your blood Kinny, you're making a good recovery and we can let you go within the hour." horray! 4pm comes, I get all my stuff together, the nurse gives me my medicine and off I go home!


Short version - I got very fucking sick, kidneys stopped working and I spent a week in Hospital.

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My hands hurt, my wrists hurts, my arms hurt, my back hurts and my legs wobble when I walk up and down stairs. But I feel a hell of a lot better than what I did in Hospital that is for sure. Bit of bruising but then I have a 3 month - 1 year recovery.

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