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Hungry dogs. out of dog food.


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I feel bad, we only had a few bits of kibble that my smallest dog stuck her entire head in a bag for, and I had to get to work that morning so as a(poor) substitute I gave them both cereal, cheerios.

Its the afternoon now and naturally theyre still hungry. I whipped up 4 eggs and mixed a ton of bacon in it between my two dogs. Maddie is okay now but the big whiny baby is still hungry and pawing at the bowl...so I cut up two apples and coated them in peanut butter just now and wouldnt you knowthe glutton ate them and is still whining, ugh

Gonna have to buy more soon, asap.

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When I helped my father breed German Shepherds, we would make a huge pot of rice, eggs, bacon, and a couple of root vegetables into a grainy stew to feed the pack in supplement to the dry kibble. Quite happy and healthy, I suggest adding rice to the mix to help fill them up.

yeah thanks, I was almost running a bit late on my second shift but I managed to cook rice until it was soft enough, poured a little cool water and placed it in the freezer for a few minutes until it was cool to eat.


...aaaand he ate the whole thing. The fat bastard. (hes not fat, he's just a typical big dog)


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Poor pups. It's funny because my pups have skipped a few meals these last few weeks because we went to bed early (we being me and the pups) and they didn't make a big fuss about it. My dogs would lose their mind if they got fed those tasty treats though, lol.

Is it just a matter of going to the store? I don't have a license so I've been ordering my pet food online so I don't bother people for rides. 

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Just feed them some leftover hershy bars. My dog loved 'em so much she slept like baby for weeks!

Honestly it wouldn't do much since it's milk chocolate. It's semi-sweet and cocoa you really gotta worry about :U Unless they're small.

But for reals, when you're out of dog food, go for chicken, fish, or beef (if you can avoid beef, try to. It's like #1 allergen for dogs), vegetables of some kind (even canned, just rinse and drain really well), oatmeal, pasta, rice, broth, and cereal will also work if it's high-fiber, healthy crud without too much sugar lol. Some fruits, like strawberries, bananas, apples.

And then super, SUPER plain on everything. No seasonings.

Always keep an eye out for vomiting or diarrhea afterwards. Switch to just chicken and rice if they get tummy issues.

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