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Finally made me an account here.

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Only took me...ehh, a few weeks. Maybe a month. Ah well that can't be helped now.

Anyway, salubrious greetings and salutations to you lot. Some of you might recognize me as an FAF vet (by the old handle of TopazThunder) or from the Weasyl forums. You can just call me Sparky since keeping track of all of the personas I rotate through can be a headache and a half for most.

I am a freelance fantasy artist that takes my continued creative and technical progression very seriously, and I love talking to other artists and creators. I hope to one day have a solid enough portfolio to become a tattoo artist. I have quite a lot of other interests as well, from more mundane things like gardening, writing, reading, music, being in the outdoors, the creation, science and consumption of fine spirits, casual study of natural sciences, archaeology and mythology, heraldry to more obvious nerd hobbies like gaming, worldbuilding, tabletop rpgs and the like. I'm certain I've forgotten at least half of any other pertinent details but I figured anything else would show through by me making honest attempts at interaction here.

Don't take my dry humor and aloofness too personally, I'm actually quite a pleasant and easygoing individual! I could just as easily excitedly talk your ear off about a favorite subject. Just very no-nonsense and mature about a lot of things, haha. Looking forward to possibly connecting with people I might recognize on here or strike up a conversation with someone entirely new.

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