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Confessions Thread 2: The Revengening


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I figure it's about time we ressurrect an old FAF classic. You know it, you love it (unless you're Mentova, in which case, please don't ban me long), it's...


It should be fairly obvious what this thread is for, but just in case you have the intelligence of a potato, this is the thread where we confess things, either deep, serious secrets or just silly little things you never talk about. I'll go first.

My main reason for hanging around the selfie thread (besides showing off my fabulous outfits) is to see how many people are more attractive than their 'sonas, and then sometimes flirt with them. That actually worked once.

Okay, your turn!

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I've been sitting here trying to think of something to confess. I'm so bland. I suppose:

  • I'm the one who stole all those large steel balls from my high school physics class (sorry Mr. I-forgot-your-name).
  • I'm terrible at remembering names, I don't know the names of most of my co-workers even though I knew them for two years, but hide that well.
  • I act out skits while driving home and no one has ever heard the silly voices I do.
  • I hate pretty much every holiday, especially Christmas.
  • I cut my toenails maybe twice a year, I just let them break off. 
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I don't know the birthdays of any of my family members. I also don't know my parents' ages.
I only remember two birthdays: mine and my best friend's

I'm so terrible

It's the same way for me. And names of people I meet, too. There's rarely any reason for me to refer to someone by their name and keeping track of details that I make no use of feels like a waste of time: I know most people because of circumstance, not because I want to.

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Oh yeah? Well I tried throwing a javelin and hit myself in the face with it.

I'm the biggest loser here and you can't take that away from me!

Well I walked into a pole full walking speed and I was looking straight ahead directly at said pole without realizing it was there


Your move, loser!

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