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furry trash


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Ayy lmao, im new to this whole forum thing so please dont judge me too hard

Not the most interesting person imo, i can draw sort of and like art and animation in general, games, music, and dogs. Send me high quality dog pics please itd make my year. I like helping people with anatomy and such so hmu if you need someone to redline or just give constructive criticism on your art i guess.

I live in Texas with the bae, HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO THAT SUPER NERD, i love him hands off you big ol gays.


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5 minutes ago, Chrysocyon said:


Anyway, welcome! You've got some pretty drawings, I might want to talk art with you sometime.

And well, you asked for it...


Thank you :'D Id actually love that, your art is really nice

Omg these are beautiful <3

17 minutes ago, Revates said:

Welcome to the forums! I know what you mean about the forum thing, they scared me at 1st too, haha. Sorry no dog pics. :(

Also I like your avatar.

Yeahh, hopefully itll all be good though c: Thats okay

Thank you :'0


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