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Hello! :3

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Hello, my name is fusion! :3

I like video games and tv, especially cartoon network shows like Flapjack, Chowder and Adventure time <3 My favorite is Fapjack, he's so cute ^^

In video games I like mmos, Sonic, rpgs, virtual pets and much more :D

I like pets and own many myself, rats, guinea pigs, a hamster, theres also cats and one dog in our house :D

I'm a shapeshifter by nature, I like to be many different characters in my fantasy, I like to RP, especially cartoon rps :)

I'm an artist, specifically cartoon fanart, mostly flapjack, but also Chowder and Adventure Time, I have also drawn minecraft fanart at one point ^^

I love Fusionfall and can't wait for Fusionfall Retro and Legacy :D

I have a phobia for vore which had gotten slightly less over time, but its still there :(

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