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Genlab Alpha - a post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG of furry interest


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Recently bought to my attention, there is currently a Kickstarter campaign up for a tabletop game book 'Genlab Alpha', in which the players take on the roles of mutant anthropomorphic animals in an apocalyptic future. The website says it better than I can:


What I can tell you is that the original game this is based on is very good, and the production qualities easily on a par with Wizards of the Coast. It was a loose 'sandbox' style tabletop game with an emphasis on base-building and several interesting meta-systems. I presume that this spin-off will follow a similar course, though I can't say for sure. I do know that it's stand-alone though, so you don't need the original 'Mutant: Year Zero' to play it.

Last I looked it had already soared past double its required funding level less than six hours since launch. It's looking very nice indeed. Lookitty:


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