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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens


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I know its a total blatant cash grab. I know...

But oh my god, I loved the Lego Star Wars games when I was a kid. Makes me want to play them again now...and visually, this game looks pretty good.

Problem is...I don't really like the modern Lego games. See before, the character didn't talk, they just make grunts so it was like you were watching the whole movie in Lego form, like a mime performance. This resulted in humorous sight gags and a fun tone.

Nowadays, its voice acted by sometimes not so great voice actors or even worse, they'll rip the audio right out of the movie and barely clean it up. I want my Legos silent dammit! Also, the puzzles seem to get more and more nonsensical not even in the fun Lego way. Its more of a "That was reaaaally stretching it"

Woulda been better though if they just waited for all 3 new Star Wars movies to come out to make a third Lego Star Wars Trilogy but again, cash grab

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