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World's Worst Dictionary (v1.1)


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Same as last time:

(1)Above user posts word, (2)Second poster gives shitty definition, (3)Second poster then posts next word(Doesn't have to be real)

*If above user doesn't post word, use their name and roast them*

*If two users post at the same time, the next user puts a definition for both words*

Are you ready, kids?


Raisin Flicker





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Orthographic - Ortho which comes from the Greek for strait, and graphic meaning a form or art; orthographic means anything pertaining to strait art, meaning there are no homosexual references or themes



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Superfluous~ The result of attempting to reach a state of aesthetic with the use of bright colours and shiny objects.

~What is with these fashion designers?, that girl's dress is so excessively superfluous that she looks like a gaudy christmas tree!~





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the act of motioning one's hips against an object or person to simulate sexual intercourse
while dressed as Donald Trump

"Oh my god, I can't believe Shane wanted to try Trumping last night! I told him to stay off of Twitter or we're through!"

 - sidolent

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-sidolent ~ a suffix indicating the word is an adolescent sibling of the base word, and an annoying one at that. Often used in a condescending manner. Example: "You can keep that desktopsidolent phone of yours, I stick to a real computer."


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when something is moist to the point of facilitating large amounts of growth, typically mold

"The food she left out was pretty groist, and started to turn green. We threw it away as soon as we saw it."

- malanchey

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Shoopy: something that is both a shoe and the exact brown shade of dog poop, in order to avoid the embarrassment of other people noticing when you've stepped in something.

"Wow, I like your new gear, but those sneakers are a bit shoopy!"


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the act of sending of sexual text messages to parties of both binary genders

"Despite calling himself 'straight', Shane seems to get a severe case of bissextus when he's drunk. He hit on like half of our friend circle last night."

> Warwin adard

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Warwin Adard : a political candidate elected primarily because they are loudly and brashly in favour of a popular war.

Not, as many people think, a category of Darwin Award that is given to people who die as a direct result of Spoonerisms.

Next word: Breckly

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