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Fursuit maker on the Guardian

Crazy Lee

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So I was reading an article on the Guardian and the website suggested this video about a fursuit maker. I'm not sure how it suggested this video, maybe my browser keeps track of how much furry porn art I look at.


BTW which fursuit maker is that?




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Found the article that went with the video




For a minority, however, it is more than that: 46% of furry fans surveyed by Gerbasi reported identifying as less than 100% human – with 41% admitting that if they could be not human at all, they would. Twenty-nine percent of them reported experiencing being a “non-human species trapped in a human body”.

The parallels with gender identity disorder, upon which the hypothesis was modeled, were striking: much like some transgender individuals report being born the wrong sex, some furries feel a disconnect with their bodies, as if they were stuck in the wrong species. The condition, which Gerbasi et al labeled “species identity disorder”, had a physiological component too, with many reporting experiencing phantom body parts, like tails or wings.


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13 minutes ago, Saxon said:

A lot of psychology is barely scientific....

Now a days a lot of psychology is becoming scientific with the introduction of neuroscience; while many of the theories are still based on observation there has been a switch (at least in the US) to a more scientific approach to many psychological ideas. Just throwing that out there...



2 minutes ago, Rhíulchabán said:

Ouch, you wound my area of learning and study! :P


We psychologists can be scientific when we put our minds to it, its just rather hard when we have nearly 100 subcategories of study and few of them agree on anything (that does tend to happen when your discipline at best I'd 130 years old, instead of the much older sciences). On the flip side, because many of us don't agree, it also means most of us don't lump Furfaggotry into the mental disorder category... You can't take one small group of folks saying that furs are not degenerates because it's "actually a mental disorder" and then say all psychologists believe that, dats just silly...


Obviously we're all dirty degenerates and nothing science claims will prove otherwise! >:V

@Rhíulchabán said it better ^


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