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The Sleepyhead Thread


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I barely sleep

I can't shut down when I want to, no matter what I try.

I know ppl who lie down and are fast asleep within like a minute. Snoring and everything.

I see that and I have to wonder what manner of sorcery they're using... I wish it was that easy for me.

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I LOOOOOOVE sleep! But it can be hard for me to come by because I find it hard to sleep at night time, and I have early classes every day.

By this point I think my body's gotten a tolerance to over-the-counter sleeping pills. I have Zopiclone for days that I NEED to get an early night though, that stuff is AMAZING. Sends me straight off to sleep.

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also, I find help for snoozing in the bus (this is important for my days rest as I often leave early) by playing a noise generator. I like the bagpipe generator with a lot of bass so you can hear the breathing of the player. I also like the clockmakers office and underwater world sounds.



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I should feel sleepier than I am, considering how little sleep I got last night.

One thing I've found that helps is exercise. Go for a run, ride a bike, hit the weights etc. Not only will you burn energy, but the dopamine will help you feel happy and relaxed.


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