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How fast can you type?


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I just remembered this was a thread I was going to make back on FAF like a year ago but never did.  Whoops.

Anyway, here's a thread to test and compare our typing skills.  I've never been a very fast typist, as I haven't been one to frequent forums or chat rooms much in the past, but I've been working to improve.

Here's a couple of websites to test yourself:


Typing Speed Test is nice because it's all random simple words with no punctuation.  Type Racer is a little more challenging as it has random quotes and forces you to type all words correctly, but has the benefit of being multiplayer if anyone wants to do that.

To start with, here's my results from both sites:



Let's see what you got!

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20 minutes ago, Jerry said:

This is almost embarrassing to show.

You guys must have 15 fingers per hand or something D=

That's not too bad.  Just think, I was about that speed just last year.  Some practice on those two websites and some Typing of the Dead: Overkill can go a long way.

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I got 333 cpm. the first time I got 314 but only because they gave me a lot of words with n's in them and I lost my N key awhile ago..

it's funny because I used to be really bad at typing in middle school because I didn't understand home row. and then I started spending all of my time on the internet and learned how to type

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4 hours ago, Caledonian said:

I make typos but rather spelling mistakes, can I have a dutch test instead?

Did you check out the first link? The two languages are Dutch and English, if I'm not mistaken.


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