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I feel strange.


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I had to break up with a friend. Or stop seeing a friend. Whichever. Same difference. 

I don't like the way I had to do it, but I feel like if I had taken the "let's talk it over like mature adults" route, it wouldn't have been as final. It would have been gradual, and since I've been putting this break up or whatever off, I didn't want it to be gradual.

I wanted control of my life. I wanted control of myself. If I didn't want to be somewhere, and I made it known, I shouldn't have to go. 

Was I right? Was I right to just cut them off like I did? I feel like I was right to stand up for myself, I just don't know if I did it in the right way.


Plus, it kind of sucks that I don't know if this person is a Grade A manipulator or just a clueless lonely person. It makes it difficult to know how to react. 

I dunno why I made this. It's just on my mind. 

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Standing up for yourself is never a bad thing. As for should you have just cut them out, that all depends on the details you've excluded. From the little bits you posted it sounds like they were extremely controlling on even minor details... That definitely sounds like a toxic piece of shit that doesn't deserve any more of your time.

However, if this person is not as bad as they're being made out to be here and did not mean you any harm, it would have been best to let them down easy. Heck, you might have been able to keep them as a friend in the way you need if you just told them what they were doing to you was unacceptable and you needed it to stop or you were gone. That is of course, if you could forgive them and were willing to take that chance.

I am curious though, have you tried before now to tell them that what they're doing is making you unhappy, or did you just let it build up to this point and only subtly hinted that you were bothered by what they did? Not everyone understands subtle hints. I am one of those people, in fact. I pretty much need to be told straight up to stop what I'm doing. I don't intend to piss people off, but it happens and usually comes off as intentional, and most people prefer to just hint that they're upset which I totally miss.

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