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Now I'm pretty sure compared to most people, my narrow genre of music taste is  a pretty small pool. Not that I dont like other genres, I just tend to focus on one/and-the-like

The thing I hate is over the years I've come across several songs (albeit not enough, and I'm always on the lookout for new stuff to add to my mental collection, since I'd hate to miss out on an old/new gem), and I don't have a reasonably organized way to keep track of them. Someday I'll just come across a song I listened to long ago and think "Oh crap I cant believe I forgot this awesome thing". Frustrates me to no end...I just wish I had one firm collective archive but alas, I always lose files after a long time. So my list is sporadic and mental, whatever my brain can retain...

I do enjoy lists because it makes some physical aspect to what my spotty disorganized mind can hold and can never be forgotten if it's always there.

So yeah, I spent the past however long trying to compile a list of anything I can think of in my liking, probably missing a ton more anyways.

I cant figure out where the spoiler tag is, if we even still have that thing so have a quote (I hope that collapses)



Album: "Saturate" (2002) 

I Wish I May




Natural Life

Next To Nothing




No Games


Shallow Bay


album: "We Are Not Alone" (2004) 

So Cold

Simple Design



Break My Fall

Forget It

Sooner Or Later





Ordinary Man[From the Japanese version of the album]

Better days

album: "Phobia" (2006) 


The Diary Of Jane



Evil Angel

Until The End

Dance With The Devil


Here We Are

Unknown Soldier

Had Enough

You Fight Me

album: "Dear Agony" (2009) 

Fade Away

I Will Not Bow


Give Me A Sign


What Lies Beneath

Anthem Of The Angels

Lights Out

Dear Agony

Into The Nothing

Without You

album: "Dark Before Dawn" (2015) 


Angels Fall

Breaking The Silence


Close To Heaven

Bury Me Alive

Never Again

The Great Divide

Ashes Of Eden



album: "Comatose" (2006) 


The Last Night

Yours To Hold

Better Than Drugs


The Older I Get

Those Nights

Falling Inside The Black

Say Goodbye

Whispers In The Dark

Looking For Angels

Live Free Or Let Me Die[Deluxe Edition bonus track]

album: "Awake" (2009) 



Don't Wake Me

Awake And Alive

One Day Too Late

It's Not Me, It's You

Should've When You Could've




Never Surrender


Dead Inside[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Would It Matter[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

album: "Rise" (2013) 


Sick Of It

Good To Be Alive

Not Gonna Die

Circus For A Psycho

American Noise

Madness In Me

Fire And Fury

Battlecry[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Everything Goes Black[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Freakshow[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]


album: "Three Days Grace" (2003) 


Just Like You

I Hate Everything About You


Let You Down

Now Or Never



album: "One-X" (2006) 

It's All Over


Animal I Have Become

Never Too Late

On My Own


Get Out Alive

Let It Die

Over And Over

Time Of Dying

Gone Forever


album: "Life Starts Now" (2009) 


World So Cold

Lost In You

The Good Life

Last To Know

Someone Who Cares


Without You

Life Starts Now

album: "Transit Of Venus" (2012) 

Sign Of The Times

Chalk Outline

Unbreakable Heart

album: "Egypt Central" (2005) 


Over And Under

Taking You Down

Walls Of Innocence

You Make Me Sick

album: "White Rabbit" (2011) 

Ghost Town

White Rabbit

Kick Ass


Down In Flames





Evans blue: erase my scars, this time its different

Escape the Fate:

Gorgeous Nightmare

Reverse the curse

One for the money


Falling in reverse:

album: "The Drug In Me Is You" (2011) 

Raised By Wolves

Tragic Magic

The Drug In Me Is You

I'm Not A Vampire

Good Girls Bad Guys

Pick Up The Phone

Sink Or Swim

Caught Like A Fly

Goodbye Graceful

album: "Fashionably Late" (2013) 


Bad Girls Club

Fashionably Late

Game Over

Fuck The Rest

Keep Holding On


Black Veil brides:

Rebel love song

Heart of fire

Bring me the horizon: Throne

We the kings:

Check yes Juliet, She takes me high, heaven can wait

Decyfr Down: Burn back the sun



Always, Click Click boom

Three doors down: here without you, kryptonite, When I’m gone

Foo Fighters: My hero, walk, the pretender everlong

Coldplay: Paradise, Viva la vida

Yellowcard: Ocean avenue

Chasing cars: snow patrol

Senses fail: Calling all cars

Story of the year: Until the day I die

Five for fighting: 100 years


Good Charlotte: The anthem

Framing Hanley: Here me now

Flyleaf: All around me

Evanescence: Bring me to life

P.O.D: Youth of the nation, alive

Red jumpsuit apparatus: Guardian angel, face down

Bullet for my Valentine: Tears don’t fall, Your betrayal


You give love a bad name, When two are one doomsday, falling down, no one cares

Bon Jovi: Living on a player, You give love a bad name, I’ll be there for you

Journey: Anyway you want it, wheel in the sky,

Aerosmith: Don’t wanna miss a thing, dream on, walk this way,

Nirvana: Smells like Teen Spirit

Bush: Glycerin

Manian: Ravers in the UK, Welcome to the club

Avenged Sevenfold:

Bat country, nightmare, afterlife, little piece of heaven, dear god, Welcome to the family

Disturbed: The light

Sum 41: A walking disaster

Trapt: Black Rose, headstrong

London to Tokyo: Feel better

Papa roach: scars, lifeline, forever, Gravity

Fallout boy: Thnks fr the mmrs, dance dance, alpha dog, immortals, light em up

Panic! At the disco: The ballad of mona lisa, this is gospel, I write sins not tragedies

Jimmy eat world: the middle, sweetness

All time low: the reckless and the brave, dear maria count me in

 Sponge: Plowed (Human wreckage)

Five Finger Death Punch:

Death before dishonor

Stranger than fiction

Never enough

Remember everything

Hard to see

Far from home

Walk away

Bad company

Lift me up

Wrong side of heaven

Jekyll and hyde

Wash it all away

Matchbox 20: How far we’ve come,

My chemical Romance:


The black parade



Owl City:

Hello seattle, fireflies, galaxies, dreams and disasters, wolf bite, rainbow veins, shooting star, to the sky, strawberry avalanche, gold, dementia, good time, top of the world, shine your way, when can I see you again, 99 red balloons

AFI: Prelude 12/21

Imagine Dragons: Demons, Radioactive

Red: Breath into me

Linkin Park: remember the name,


One Step Closer

With You

Points Of Authority



In The End

A Place For My Head

Pushing Me Away

single: "One Step Closer" (2001) 

One Step Closer

High Voltage (Remix)

Somewhere I Belong

Lying From You

Hit The Floor

Easier To Run


Breaking The Habit

From The Inside



The catalyst


Tonight, words as weapons, Remedy, Fake it

Sick puppies:

Maybe, Youre going down

10 years: shoot it out

Sixx AM: Life is beautiful


All I ever wanted, dota, Now you’re gone, all I ever wanted

Everytime we touch

Ylvis: the fox, Stonehenge, someone like me, work it

Switchfoot: meant to live, stars

Thousand foot krutch: the end is wear we begin

30 seconds to mars: this is war, from yesterday, closer to the edge, kings and queens, the kill

Beartooth: the inbetween



"The Sound Of Madness" (2008) 


Sound Of Madness

Second Chance

If You Only Knew

Cut the cord

The offspring: Pretty fly, youre gonna go far kid, the kids aren’t alright

A day to remember:

album: "Homesick" (2009) 

The Downfall Of Us All

My Life For Hire

I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

NJ Legion Iced Tea

Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End

Have Faith In Me

Welcome To The Family


Another Song About The Weekend

If It Means A Lot To You

album: "What Separates Me From You" (2010) 

Sticks & Bricks

All I Want

It's Complicated

This Is The House That Doubt Built

2nd Sucks

Better Off This Way

All Signs Point To Lauderdale

You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic

Out Of Time

If I Leave

Green day:

Welcome to paradise, basket case, time of your life, American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken dreams, Know your enemy

Animoo/animoo covers/etc:

Nate wants to battle- Nightmare, Kanto, SNK theme, Portal theme

Soul Eater: resonance/paper moon

FMA theme song

Numa Numa


Parry grip: Nomnomnom

Daft punk: harderbetterfasterstronger, get lucky, around the world


Perform this way, Let it go(last sleepless city), Cant wait to be king(pop-punk cover Patty Walters)

Addicted: Saving abel

Finger Eleven: Paralyzer

Rise against:

Black masks and gasoline, paper wings, give it all, dancing for rain, swing life away,Ready to fall, prayer of the refugee, worth dying for, good left undone, survive, long forgotten sons, from heads unworthy, the strength to go on, ready to fall, hero of war, savior, hairline fracture, historia calamitatum, help is on the way, make it stop, satellite, The Great Die-Off,I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore,Tragedy + Time, The Black Market, A Beautiful Indifference, Methadone, People Live Here, Bridges


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All my music is organized in itunes. I have it all backed up elsewhere too, just in case.

I guess I don't see how hard it is to keep this shit organized, but I also don't use streaming services like spotify. I just buy physical albums.

I've also only got like 1500 songs, which is a small amount compared to some out there. Still a fucking lot of songs though :P

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I'm one of those old-fashioned people who still likes physical media and thinks the best way to store music is in a CD case, so whenever I find a good album for a cheap price, I always buy it. I mean, unless you scratch it or break it, the music will still be there, right? xP

That said, what I have in "real form" has become only a tiny fraction of what I actually listen to, and my computer folder dedicated to music files is several GB big. The rest is crammed up in a YouTube playlist. I've probably almost switched to full-on digital media like everyone else. xD

I happen to forget songs as well and yeah, I can understand the frustration. There was one in particular I used to listen to several years ago, which I thought it was from Rob/White Zombie, but for the love of me I can't find it! Can't even remember a particular lyric or how the main melody went, so I don't know how exactly I could start searching for it. Gaaah!

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Yeah... my music collection is pitiful compared to those of you who have posted, but that's mostly because I don't actively search for music anymore and I only download what I really, really like. Last few years I've only really liked trance with the occasional older (but still modern) rock/metal tune when I'm feeling like I need rawr and sometimes some chill soft rock.

I have 199 folders (songs organized by artist) and a total of 2,539 songs. A good bit of those, however, are probably album extras I never listen to or random video game sounds (when I was younger I spent some time recording the Pokemon sounds, for example). Due to my external HD dying on me after a small mishap, I am short between 10-15 folders worth of songs - "A" through the first half of "C" got lost. Can't be bothered to figure out what I'm missing though because my phone has everything I need on it and all of my current favorites just happen to be beyond "C".

On my phone where I have a pile of songs and can't be bothered to organize them that much, I have them separated in playlists by very general genre. For example, anything electronic I put under the "trance" category, even if it's more house-like. You could start there, would give you a bit of organization at least.

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