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Ravey thing? Jobs are neat and stuff


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Hm,well...Im kind of bored and whatnot so I just feel like blathering on about my life and spamming new threads to the R and R for little to no reason. Weow.

So uh...as a sequel to my previous thread, which Ive considered necroing or something idk. Well yeah, life stuff is weird. I sort of have a job.

Lots of pros and cons. Whiere do I begin?

For starters, its a job. Its going to have faults. Obviously. Although Im quite enjoying the learning experience.

Recently dropped an application to this local ice cream/food/grocery chain called Braum's. Because why not. Got an interview, and they practically hired me on the spot they were so desperate for workers, didnt give me a chance to decline. Oops. Kind of a good thing now since the assisted living job I got interviewed for emailed me and no dice.

So yeah. Minimum wage. Part time. Same pay I made before (though with questionable hours, not sure yet). Upside is benefits like discounted food and groceries. Aaaaaaaaay! This is bound to be temporary until I find more/other/better work. I cant drive right now so the location is definitely key until I can save up for some necessities. (Im actually content with how ahead of schedule I am...the job market was hard so Im glad I at least got something/anything within a week rather than long stretch of unemployment/being a NEET)

The bad: On the interview, my managers both asked me how well do I handle pressure and raised voices, in other words when things get hectic people yell o^o They said not to take it personally as its mainly a result of them being zealous in making things run smoothly.

Secondly...this place makes me feel awkward as hell. First couple of days was mostly me waiting long periods of time for my manager to be unbusy and assist me with training. Which mostly left me bored/doing nothing/awkwardly looking for tables and stuff to clean and stock.

Thirdly...Im socially inept and I make mistakes. One being as I first walked in I didnt say hi and kind of just appeared and showed up >.> This is mainly because I felt breaking up their clique-ish conversation just to convey my presence seemed like the opposite of what Ive been conditioned to do. It probably came off as rude but I get serious anxiety from normal social interaction because Im dumb (kind of a bad idea in a job about social interaction, but what can you do? Thats a requirement anywhere and you kind of just have to 'get over it' and pretend you can). I also lost my work card, another bad move. I also made mistakes on orders a few times. Pecans instead of almonds (ruining the entire order, losing company product), not quite spinning milkshakes properly, and messing up on a mix. Not good. Oh, and apparently there's a special employee table nobody told me about so I threw away someone's bag of chips assuming it was a leftover from a customer. Im kind of dumb...

The good:

Turns out, I actually enjoyed it. I got to do a lot more since the first day, and started to slowly pick up on how to make the ice creams and the shakes. It's awesome! I can talk to customers, recognize what they want, and if its simple enough get their order. Cool.

I also briefly learned how to use a cash register. For a few simple orders I was able to do the deed, get money, and issue change and receipts. Wow. So I learned how to use a cash register? Boy thats an essential skill I could use. Neat! Its quite simple of course but now I have the experience on my belt so Im more hireable in le future.

And I can be friendly to customers? Thats an odd quality I didnt think I can do. Turns out Im pretty mechanical when it comes to workstuff. I cant socialize for hell but saying 'have a nice night' comes naturally since it work-related? Well okay

People watching is also fun. You always get some interesting customers. One guy was a goofball who came in singing Michael Jackson and was quite amiable and friendly, I enjoyed him. Another noticed I was new and seemed pretty friendly and understanding. Nice customers are always interesting.


Ummm so what was I doing reciting my entire day for some reason? Yeah so basically... I like working, even if it sucks sometimes. To be continued in le job trilogy. Hopefully I build on my repoirtoire and get better work in the future. Hopefully animal-related yet again. Fingers crossed.

TL;DR Just ignore this thread


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Woo for what seems to be a good job! Jobs are good, yes. They help with getting better jobs in the future as well as starting building a little network, be it friends or coworkers. All in all, it sounds like your first few days or so seem to be going well. You're new, so you're bound to make mistakes and it sounds like you didn't make that many. Even the ones you made were tiny ones. I tell you, try being the new person who drops a bunch of plates that shatter to the floor ._. Not fun haha. But I'm glad to see you in a place you seem happy <3 Keep your eyes on that future!

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Ahh, customer service... I learned a lot from my 5 years in the industry, that's for sure. Learned some things the hard way. I'm a firm believer that everyone should work for at least a month in a customer service job just so they get a taste of what those people have to go through. Hopefully all of your customers are either neutral or fun, but there's bound to be some bad seeds coming and going. Just learn what you can from each interaction and try to make the best of it, know that in most cases it's not really anything you can help.

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I know exactly what ur talking about with the whole social anxiety thing. I have it too and it can make even the smallest interactions really fustrating. I love not saying hi/bye if I can get away with it, lol. But yeah, it's weird how you can overcome it in certain situations, like when dealing with customers. Irl I act like an awkward retard to most people I meet, but give me a customer and I act like a smooth-talking car salesman and I don't know who I am anymore... And yeah there is a real mechanical quality to stuff like that and that does make things easier. 

Hope the job works out well!! I never liked retail myself, but maybe it'll be a good fit for you. And yeah, those first few days are really awkward and confusing, but things get a lot better once you settle into the routine. 

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My job is part time, min wage as well. Hours started out eeeeh but now I work tons of hours (like I worked five days last week and I'm working six this week). It's a pretty good job for a first job and the tips and 50% off really help with my food, lol. I do not plan on keeping this job forever, but as you know, it pays the bills. XD

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Very good Val! I am most pleased to hear that you're doing alright *hugs*. Social anxiety is a bitch and I hope I'll be able to manage it as well ASAP. I need them social skills for work too, better get ready now

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