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Character Profile Commissions?


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I'm not sure if this would go into The Black Market or here, so I ended up settling here. Somehow. 

So here's something I've been pondering for a while: Do people actually get writing commissions and do people do them? I've seen them more often than not for stories, but how many of us have or want to create backstories for our sonas, or even just a simple profile? Well, enter me bringing another one of my zany ideas out into the light. I've been contemplating actually opening up "Character Profile Commissions" where I would doll up a profile for someone using a template. 

Why get a profile done instead of doing it yourself? Well, there could be various reasons. Time, focus on other things, if you're not the writing descriptive sort, who knows. Why do people get pictures drawn instead of doing it themselves?

I do have a few examples up, including the template that would be used. These characters here, as of this posting, are not any of my personal characters; Emperor Laser Willow, Mogui Willow, and Cass Starshine are all from an upcoming short story I'm writing called Bakumatsu; in addition, Cass Starshine is another fur's character that I had permission to use for said story. Thus all their profiles are written with that story and setting in mind. I will do one for Niko, Tamagi, and Razzle sometime soon though (my personal 'sonas). 

I'm also considering doing profiles for the few folks who use Furiffic. Not sure how that'd work, but I'm sure there'd be a way to make it so. 

The examples can be found here. They're in .rtf format so if anyone can't roll with that let me know and I'll try to get them in a different format. 

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Two of the story commissions I've done have been backstory commissions. I was given a key event or two, a rough personality profile and beyond that total creative freedom. So I can say there is probably at least some market for it. My suggestion would be to write one off stories in your free time and upload them to your galleries or wherever, somewhere people can see them. Promote yourself as being available for writing commissions, join writer groups on gallery sites and be willing to be flexible in what you accept. It's generally harder to get writing commissions compared to drawing commissions depending on where you go.

Short answer yes, there is a market for it and people do commission stories.

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Wow, I just noticed this now. Sorry about that! ^^; 

I did actually have a serialized story I was working on, and was doing steady with up until I decided to move to publishing them via eBook. But I feel like I might go back to serializing them on a blog. 

Also nice tips, I'll be sure to keep them in mind (:

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