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If your Fursona had a theme song

Augmented Husky

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The object of how this works is simple. Find a song/music video that you would use as a theme song for your Fursona and if you like add a max three sentence explanation as to why you picked that particular song. This should be pretty fun :)

Not sure if this belongs here in The Tube or the Den but whatever mods can move it if need be

Anywhose I'll start first



Basically Augmented_Husky a.k.a Will is a sort of uploaded cyborg in that his consciousness continues in a completely robotic body that also runs his mind thanks to advanced uploading and quantum computing efforts. So a song from Tron: Legacy made perfect sense ^_^

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Maduro is very much a relaxed dog, and this song reminds me of my teen years working in an auto shop relaxing and waiting for clients. Not only do I love this song, but it was sampled in another of my favorite songs, You Know How We Do It by Ice Cube. Maduro is very much a Sit Back and Enjoy a Cigar kind of dog, and I think this song kind of represents that.

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"To overcome the despair of life, is my goal. I want to see past the sadness, the grief, and the fear. I want to appreciate the burdens I have carried, learn from them, and use them to create a better life for myself and the people around me. "


"I will be like the blooming clematis."     -the musings of Ieono

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I remember seeing this thread somewhere before, and I picked the same song last time. I like to think that the chorus is a pretty appropriate mantra for a lazy, unmotivated, slightly hedonistic modern hippie :P

I understand about indecision
but I don't care if I get behind

people live in a competition
all I want is to have my peace of mind~

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Most of my characters are based on music genres, but I've never confined their appeareance/personality to a particular tune. This should be fun xP

Right off the bat I can think of this:

For her: http://valery91thunder.deviantart.com/art/EmptyHead-Valy-Reference-Sheet-200189018
With her being a zombie and all, it fits pretty well! (I'd also have to redraw that old modelsheet sooner or later...)


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This song was like made for Rey.

Chequered light buildings
Fallen from the sky
Sway as they climb into your eye
They're taller now
Everything has changed
From an empty frame
Stares a distant face

Can he see me?
At night and all alone
When I raise my hand to wave
The face is gone

In a flash I see the face is mine
And swinging from the mantelpiece is why
I said I could go back to the house where all we keep is keeping on
Where everyone pretends that they belong and long and long

If I tell you what I'm seeing
Can you tell me what is true?
In the space between our feelings
There's a place for me and you

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The same as mine probably.


I don't think I need to explain this but whatever.

"She's got a lip ring and five colours in her hair!

Not into fashion, but I love the clothes she wears

Her tattoo's always hidden by her underwear!"

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"I am already here
in this promised land
but not by a god and not by a king
and not by a spirit
deep from within

I am here
because a miracle's a whim
it's a flash of glory
it's an empty tin
and maybe might lets you in
not to save you
but to keep on looking-"


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These song's just moreso speak to me personally I think so that's why they'd align with my fursona too, because my fursona is pretty much myself, not really a separate character. (and oddly enough for the second one, my fursona isn't a wolf but a deer, though I really just love the sound of the song. The first one however is very personal to me.)






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Unfortunately, thanks to Youtube's new policies, the original version of this song that isn't live is no longer available in my country anywhere on Youtube. x_x

Anyways, I've never revealed my fursona outright since I have yet to get it drawn, but I feel this song fits very well with my fursona since the song is somewhat related to the topic of escapism and feelings of aloneness. My character is an asocial violinist who finds comfort in solitude. So this fits VERY well.

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