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rant: the overuse of the word "like"


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watching someone's art stream for the first time and they're in a skype call, LITERALLY all I heard before closing it was "like here's how you get to the new con, you like, leave the airport, and like, go down route 7 for like 3 miles, then you like, make a left turn and like, go for 20 feet and like, you're there"

how do you not go insane fucking saying that so often?

I can understand if you have some weird tick that makes you want to say it ALL THE FUCKING TIME, but holy hell.

here let me put it in a sentence you can understand:

Like please like stop like using like the like word like like so like fucking like often like please like k like like bye like.


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Oh, those filler words. It's really easy to fall into using them cause it comes so naturally. Why stop talking to completely think out your sentence when you can fill it with X and keep going? Nah, I've caught myself using them, mostly "ah" or "um," but I've worked to make myself stop. I never really got into using "like" as a filler word.

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my German professor uses uhm a lot and a lot of people hate it (like to a point that people pointed it out on rate my professor) but idk why though. granted it's repetitive I guess but that's about it

I read an article once that said people who use like a lot actually tend to be more thoughtful

and filler words actually help me think of what I'm trying to say, which is often

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