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2 hours ago, AlastairSnowpaw said:

I saw a bit of it and it seems interesting, the world seems cool though to my knowledge there really isn't a story even a hidden one which is a shame.

I heard it does have a story but it's somewhat cryptic. I'm curious if a 30hr game based just on exploration and maze puzzles could sustain my attention.

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For the price it's definitely not worth it for me. I wouldn't even pay 1/4 the price honestly. If it's going to be a puzzle game it needs to also have a rich story for me to even think about buying it. Visuals are nice and all, but meh.

Loooots of people get cranky and defend the price though, dare you insult it. Take a gander at them there discussions on Steam. Anyone who dares post a thread saying the price is insane (which I think it is, considering the content it offers) gets ripped to shreds and sent to a special subforum the dev made. Apparently because it took the dev a long time to make, that justifies the cost... no. It looks pretty, but that's about all it has going for it tbh.

Of course, if you're one of those folks who is obsessed with puzzles and doesn't need a story, then it might just be worth it to you. You could always watch a "Lets Play" of it and make up your own mind.

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I've heard of it, seen gameplay. The puzzles look addicting and fun but the motivation to do them seems scarce. I hear the story of the game is "left to interpretation" but I feel that could lead to it having too much room for interpretation, where it feels like there wouldnt really be a coherent story.

And 40 dollars does seem a bit much. I'd rather pick up Firewatch which I heard has an interesting story and cool gameplay mechanics. 

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