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You Tube! Part Deux


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Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Razzle Joestar bringing you...oh wait, this isn't a video? Oh, it's a forum topic? Oh...uh...ya guys might wanna tell me that. 

-Take 2-

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Razzle Joestar writing you another attempt at getting all of you fuzzbutts to talk about everyone's favorite media streaming giant, YouTube! But ah, not just any facet of YouTube...Furry YouTube! Yes, that's right kids, if you're a furry YouTuber, or you know any furry YouTube channels, sound off in the comments, y'hear? I do 'Tubing myself over with Niko and Tamagi on Niko Linni and Friends. Originally The Manager intended it to be more than just gaming videos but let's be honest...gaming videos are fun to do, so they kinda just eclipsed our channel. More like a lunar eclipse. Solar eclipses can look too scary!


Okay, shifting out of character, anyone know any good furry YouTube channels? Or...do you produce furry-related content yourself? This is what this topic is all about! It's time to discuss the furry side of YouTube. I myself run the "Niko Linni and Friends" channel, which is a 100% in-character channel with its own little concept: My characters Razzle Joestar, Tamagi Stardust, and Niko Linni got together and decided to try doing a YouTube channel. Though mainly they just do gaming videos, with Razzle having the most time in the limelight as he's the bigger gamer in the group. Though as of late I've been considering on having other characters appear...I mean yes it would just be their voices but still. And yes by in character that means ALL videos have a persona attached to them that I act as throughout the video including descriptions and any comments that may appear. Any comments I leave on YouTube are also done in character as well. 

So! Smoke if you got 'em!

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