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Telemarketers can be funny... sometimes.


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In this case though I'm like 90% sure it was a recording because it kept talking once I took over the phone without me talking to it.

So I'm at my client's house tonight (92 year old lady, I take care of her overnight). Phone rings around it's usual time for people to beg her for money that she's given to in the past but now can't afford to. These calls tend to confuse her because most of the time they are recordings just spouting shit off or it's someone with a very heavy accent that is hard for someone who can hardly hear normal English well to understand. When she gets these calls, she generally hands the phone to me to figure out what it is. I just listen for a couple seconds and can immediately tell what it is, then hang up and explain to her that it was just another begger.

Tonight's call was quite funny. I could hear it for the most part before she handed me the phone because she was right next to me at the time. The call basically went like this:


"Hi there -insert client's name here-! Well you're as hard to get ahold of as it is to get my kids to clean their room, hahaha!"

"Oh, who is this?"

(Something I couldn't quite make out here because I wasn't paying attention after hearing the first bit, thinking it was someone she knew because it sounded like the same lady had said her name. Not too much later she hands me the phone saying she doesn't understand what they're saying.)

I hear a few mumbled words as the phone comes to me, not sure what exactly, then a short 3 or so second pause followed by "well gosh darn, you're just as sweet as pie, haha. I'm calling to get your support with a donation..." And at that point I knew exactly what it was and hung up the phone. The reason I'm pretty sure this is a recording is because of that pause and then automatically going into the next line like that. Neither of us were talking to it at that point nor did she really get to say anything prior to that, so if it was a person you'd think they'd respond in a way that might trigger you to respond back so that they're sure you're there.

It's absolutely silly and ridiculous, but this is probably how they take advantage of sweet lil ol' ladies like my client and it angers me greatly that they keep harassing her for money. She still gives to a couple charities she really likes. Her kids want her to stop altogether, but they know it will upset her a lot if they make her stop all of them at once.

So yeah. I know some people like messing with telemarketers and that can be funny, but I don't care enough to do that (especially if they're real people, I actually feel bad for them having to do that job). My mom and brothers used to do that. They'd make silly voices and pretend to not know English or things like that.

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Reminds me of a time when one tried to get to sell us home security and let them put a sign outside saying that we have their product. 

I told her that we lived in public housing and that wasn't possible,  but she was persistent. 


At least she got one of the better automated calls because that becomes annoying after a while. 

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Never give away your phone numbers or sign up for anything.

But sometimes I'd feel sad about telemarketers, my good friend muln used to work in one, he told me how he would desperately beg for people to sign up/buy something, if he failed to hit a minimum quota, he'd be fired. It's a tough job but he needed a job.

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14 minutes ago, Mayonnaise said:

Banks here need your number for many things... and then they give it to insurance companies.

Best to keep an extra mobile phone number you're not using, if it gets too rowdy, you can always throw your sim card away, but give away your home phone number.... oh boy... good luck

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I worked in telemarketing for 3 months

If it wasn't for the awesome colleagues of different ages, I'd have quit such an unforgiving and difficult job within the first week

I mostly sold vitamin D, electricity plans to single households and some magazines. I didn't make a whole lot of sales because I am an unemphatic prick but the customers were generally quite polite. 

And you'd be surprised how many guides of "how to repel a telemarketer" I found

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I think people do forget that there's another person on the other side of that phone who is just doing what they have to in order to get by, they're just doing what they're told to do for their job and would probably rather do nearly anything else if they could. I try to remind my family of that when I witness them messing with the telemarketers, but mostly they don't like being reminded because it makes them feel bad. =p Oh well.

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Best one I had was when I was working in a charity shop. the shops only phone things and its a typical telemarketer on other line and he starts trying to tell me. "Oh sir, we've been checking your records and it appears your computer is out of date and could do with an upgrade."

One biiig problem with this.

This is a small charity shop, we have no store computer, all we had was a fairly old model electronic cash register.

I told him this and he come back with.

"Sir, these are the records I am seeing and it says you have a very old computer. Can you put me onto your manager?."

This point I'm pinching the bridge of my nose and the manager comes along and asks me to pass the phone and she walks off and eventually comes back face-palming after she spent about 5 minutes arguing with him that he has the wrong place.

I should have just hung up but I was really interested to see how it would play out since there was no computer in this charity shop xD.

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