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What Should I Eat?


What Should I Eat?  

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  1. 1. What Should I Eat?

    • Pork Ramen
    • Chicken Ramen
    • Smelly Uncut Furry Cock Ramen

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10 hours ago, Pignog said:

thread update: buck ate chicken, everyone else ate pork

Dude. We all ate pork. 

In fact we all ate spicy pork except for you. You had the miso pork I think? 

Technically we all ate chicken too because of the Yakitori. 

I did eat chicken skin which is as close to putting foreskin in my mouth as I will ever get. So technically I kind of ate "cock" in the poultry sense. 

9 hours ago, 6tails said:

Meanwhile, I sit here with my deep-fried cheesecake eggrolls. :D

Your body can take that kind of weight gain no problem. 

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