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Anyone here been in prison before?


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First off, I'm a white male, 22, USA if it matters.

I may soon find myself with no place to live. I don't qualify for any financial assistance. It's really cold outside and I think I'm going to try to go to jail on purpose so I have a place to live.

How bad is it? I have two friends who have been; they say it's just very boring, and the rape thing is a lie. Though I am scared of it. Both my friends are tough guys and I'm a weakling who can't defend myself.

I've explored every other option. This is the only one left. My one friend tells me not to do it because it'll fuck up any hope of getting a good career but I'll be honest, I have none as it is. I failed out of college by my third semester, no skills or talents, psychiatric illness I can't afford to treat. And I don't care about life.

I know it won't be like Orange is the New Black with dicks but how was your experience overall?

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