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Rant: Wasted resources.


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Okay, so I know that I'm not in one of the coastal states or even a wealthy state but C'MON, is it SO FUCKING HARD TO GET A RECYCLING PROGRAM STARTED?!

It's fucking glass and metal, for God's sake! Things that can be NEAR INFINITELY REUSED, and, when left in a hole in the ground, DON'T DECAY BECAUSE THEY'RE NON-ORGANIC.

And y'know what? I'd even be willing to PAY you to take my shit away to be recycled! I wouldn't need a fancy tax write off or nothing either. Just make sure it's REUSED, so that we don't have to MAKE MORE THAT WE'LL EVENTUALLY JUST THROW AWAY. 

Fucking backwoods hicks and their inability to recycle shit. Goddamn. 



Edit: I said 'fuck' a lot, and I'm really fucking sorry about it. Like, shitloads. Tits. >_>

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54 minutes ago, PastryOfApathy said:

Can't you just like go to a grocery store and use those recycling machines? I'm pretty sure virtually every major chain has one.

Walmart doesn't. At least, ours don't. 

When I was at college it was easier, because of course college = liberal and liberal = hippies. There was incentive to recycle - you could actually exchange points you earned for things doing it. Of course, the good things (like mountain bikes and video games and stuff) all cost tons of points, but who cares when you go through a 12 pack of Coke in a week?

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I've been in those states before, I feel you.  You might have to find one of those recycling centers that are basically open lots with big ass containers for your recyclables.  I've always been able to find them in rural areas I've lived in (even in the middle of nowhere SC).  The only drawback is that you'll have to drive to wherever it is, which may be a ways away.

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5 minutes ago, AlexInsane said:

There isn't a recycling center or trash collection business that takes plastic and glass for something like 75 miles in any direction where I live. 

You've heard of food deserts? I'm in a recycling desert. 

Well try bringing it up to your local city council. I mean if you really want some kind of recycling program look into when the next meeting takes place and request to speak if possible. It's not an instant solution but it's the only thing you can really do outside of maybe talking to the manager of the closest grocery store about adding a small recycling center of some sort.

Be proactive and use every publicly available avenue you can. Change doesn't happen by itself y'know.

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